Fred F. Weingruber Award - Guidelines

    Fred F. Weingruber Award

    ASTM Committee F16's highest award is presented not more frequently than once a year to a member of the committee who has performed outstanding work in the committee, or in the field of fasteners.

    The award, established in 2000 honors Fred F. Weingruber who, as a charter member of F16, performed exemplary leadership through the committee's first quarter century.


    The award shall be administered by an Award Task Group consisting of three members (it is suggested that the TG consist of the two Vice Chairman, and the Secretary) of Committee F16. The User Vice Chairman shall serve as the Award Task Group Chairman.

    Nominations may be submitted to the Award Task Group by anyone interested. The nominations shall be in writing with supporting evidence. The policy of ASTM not to award this honor posthumously will be followed; if however, a recipient of the award who has been selected dies before the award is presented, the award may be made posthumously.

    If, in the opinion of the Award Task Group, no person is worthy of the award, none shall be made that year.

    The Award Task Group shall notify the Chairman of Committee F16 of its selection and the reasons therefore. The Chairman of Committee F16 shall advise the Staff Manager of the Committee of the selection by January 10 of the award year. The Staff Manager along with the Task Group Chairman shall make arrangements to present the award at the May meeting.

    Committee F16 shall have authority to decide any questions not specifically covered by these rules, and the rules may be modified upon recommendation of the Award Task Group.


    The Fred F. Weingruber Award shall consist of a walnut plaque with a bronze ASTM logo.

    The inscription shall be:

    This award is presented to

    Name of Recipient

    For significant contributions and leadership in the Fastener Industry.

    The Chairman of F16 and the TG Chairman shall sign the award.

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