Frank W. Reinhart & Henry Butch Kuhlmann Award - Guidelines

    Committee F17 on Plastic Piping Systems

    Frank W. Reinhart and Henry "Butch" Kuhlmann Award

    This award was established in 1993 in memory of Frank W. Reinhart and Henry W. (Butch) Kuhlmann who by their leadership, dedication, and contributions exemplify the qualities honored by this award. Frank W. Reinhart, in whose name ASTM has established an award for outstanding contributions in terminology standardization, was the first secretary of Subcommittee D20.17, the predecessor of Committee F17, when it was first established in 1954. Frank Reinhart was also the first secretary of F17 when it spun-off from D20 in 1973.

    Butch Kuhlmann was one of the first Chairmen of D20.17. He also chaired a number of other plastic pipe subgroups.

    The vision, leadership, and dedication of both Frank Reinhart and Butch Kuhlmann greatly account for the establishment of ASTM as the premier source of standards for materials, tests, products, and practices related to plastics piping.

    The Frank W. Reinhart and Henry W. Kuhlmann Award is presented at intervals of not less than one year to Committee F17 members and other persons for distinguished and outstanding contributions on behalf of plastics piping standardization and for meritorious technical achievement in the field of the Committee.


    Any of the following contributions shall be sufficient basis for nominating an individual for this award:

    1. Marked leadership in technical, administrative, or special activities at the Task Group, Subcommittee, or Committee level.
    2. Productive service in Committee activities over a substantial period of time.
    3. Leadership, service, and contributions which have had a broad impact on the quality and standing of plastics piping standardization.
    4. Significant contributions in the areas of research, testing, engineering, leading to new and improved testing, product, and application standards.
    5. Symposium or publication activities of special benefit to the work of the Committee.
    6. Any other outstanding work or activity that has enhanced the prestige or standing of plastics piping standards and, thereby, of plastics piping as engineering materials.


       1.   The Award shall be administered by Subcommittee F17.96.

       2.    It shall be awarded not more frequently than once a year and to not more than one person in a given year.

       3.    Election of the awardee for a given year shall be made at the F17.96 meeting in the Fall of the preceding year.

       4.    Nominations for the award may be made by any F17 member in good standing. Nominations shall be in writing and presented to the Chairman of Subcommittee F17.96 by no later than the Fall meeting of the year prior to the year the award is to be given.

       5.    Each nomination shall include a statement giving the reasons that qualify the nominee for the award.


    The Frank W. Reinhart and Henry W. Kuhlmann Award will be commemorated by a plaque, with nameplates for award recipients, which will be mounted on the wall on the 4th floor at ASTM Headquarters.

    Each recipient of the Frank W. Reinhart and Henry W. Kuhlmann Award shall also receive an appropriate award citation with the following inscription:


    This Certificate is Presented to:

    Name of Recipient

    In grateful acknowledgement of faithful and significant contribution in furthering the cause of sound and effective plastics piping standardization as exemplified by Frank W. Reinhart and Henry W. Kuhlmann, charter members of Committee F17, Plastic Piping Systems.

    The certificate will be signed by the chairman and secretary of F17.


    F17 shall maintain a separate account for monies dedicated to this award. Funding shall be accepted from members, individuals, industry, societies, or associations wishing to contribute. A list of contributors shall be maintained for recording purposes only and not publicly distributed.

    The funds shall be deposited in an activities and awards account of Committee F17.

    Funds for the purchase of the Marshall Hall plaque will be taken from the F17 activities and awards account. The interest earned on the remainder of the funds shall be applied to finance subsequent nameplates and engraving costs on a continuing basis.

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