Frank E. Richart Award - Guidelines


    The Frank E. Richart Award is presented not more frequently than every three years to an ASTM member who has made notable contributions to the work of ASTM in the development of standards or relating data, or the presentation of technical papers or reports containing new information for the advancement of the field of concrete and concrete aggregates.

    The award, established in 1953, honors Frank E. Richart, an Honorary Member, former Director and Vice President of ASTM, and a member and officer of various technical committees including C09 on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates. It was initiated to encourage research and standardization, and recognize notable contributions in the concrete and concrete aggregates field.


    1. The award shall be administered by the Richart Award Committee consisting of not less than three (3) nor more than five (5) members of ASTM. They shall be appointed for three-year terms, which expires after an award recipient is selected. Appointments must be made no later than 1 January of the award year. Members of the Committee on Publications are not eligible to serve on the Richart Awards Committee.
    2. The Awards Committee shall develop various means for selecting a recipient based on the criteria described. A majority vote shall constitute approval of a recipient.
    3. The Awards Committee shall notify the Committee Staff Manager by 1 July of the presentation year of its selection. A report including an appropriate statement as to the basis for the selection of the recipient or recipients and suggested wording on the plaque shall be included in the letter to the staff manager.
    4. Presentation of the award will be made at an ASTM meeting of the recipient's choosing.
    5. If, in the opinion of the Awards Committee, no candidate is worthy of the award at the end of a three-year period, none shall be given. The committee shall notify the staff manager that no award will be given by July 1 of that year.


    The Frank E. Richart Award may be presented based on any one of the following criteria:

    Contributions to the development and analysis of data on the properties on concrete and concrete aggregates.

    Contributions to the development of standard test methods or specifications in the concrete and concrete aggregates field.

    The preparation and presentation of technical papers and reports, which present new and useful information, describe new test procedures and apparatus, or otherwise contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field.

    The presentation of a specific paper in the field that is published by the Society.


    The Award shall consist of a walnut frame with blue velvet background, containing a bronze photo-etched medallion of Frank E. Richart, and ASTM logo disc, and a bronze plate suitable for engraving.


    To encourage and recognize meritorious

    contributions to the Society, in research and

    standardization concerned with concrete and

    concrete aggregates

    is granted to



    Signature of President Year Signature of Chairman of the Board

    In addition to the plaque, an honorarium will also be presented. Should more than one individual be selected to receive the award each shall receive a plaque and the honorarium shall be divided equally among the recipient


    Funding for the Frank E. Richart Award was made possible through an endowment fund given by Mrs. Frank E. Richart. If the Award is, for any reason, discontinued, the remainder of the principal shall be placed in the ASTM Research Fund.

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