Fracture Mechanics Medal - Guidelines


    This award was established in 1987 in honor of the founders of Committee E24 on Fracture Testing for presentation to an individual or to a connected group of individuals who by their technical or other significant contributions have exerted a profound positive effect on the development of the scientific discipline of Fracture Mechanics. In 1993, Committee E09 on Fatigue and Committee E24 on Fracture Testing merged into Committee EOS on Fatigue and Fracture. Committee E08 now has jurisdiction over the Fracture Mechanics Medal.


    The awardee shall be a technically mature individual or institution that has displayed many years of exceptional leadership in the following ways:

    • Has made seminal contributions that have led to significant productive activities by others in the field.
    • Possesses a highly substantial record of achievement representing a sustained commitment over an extended period.
    • Advancement of Fracture Mechanics by any combination of the following ways: 

             o  Education

             o  Guidance and advisory activities

             o  Development of new concepts

             o  Leadership in research 


    • Awardees must be nominated by either the Awards Subcommittee or the E08 Committee Chairman, and approved by the Executive Subcommittee. Membership in E08 is not required for consideration. No records of the discussion of the award shall be kept, and the minutes of the Executive Committee meeting shall reference the decision only if the vote for the nominee is favorable.
    • If a candidate is a member of the Executive Committee, the Chairman may modify the method of the Executive Committee consideration and action as he sees fit so that the deliberations are not revealed to the candidate. It is expected that this will be through correspondence, informal meetings with one or more Executive Committee members, and telephone conversations.
    • The recipient will be notified in advance of the date and time of the presentation. Presentations will be at meetings or symposia of E08 at a mutually agreed upon occasion. If deemed necessary, travel funding may be supplied from Committee funds at the discretion of the Committee Chairman.
    • The Awards Administrator will be notified by the Committee or ASTM staff manager at least two months in advance of the presentation.

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