Edward T. Wessel Award - Guidelines


    The Edward T. Wessel was established to recognize and honor individuals who have displayed exceptional leadership in the development of standards bases on fatigue or fracture technology.


    A plaque recognizing the recipient, presented at a semi-annual standards development meeting of Committee E08 and a wall plaque to be mounted at ASTM Headquarters.


    • The recipient shall have furthered the goals of Committee E08 by repeatedly demonstrating an exceptional ability to facilitate the development of fatigue or fracture standards and technologies relevant to developing these standards.
    • The recipient shall have displayed a proven talent for mentoring younger members of the Committee and for promoting and encouraging their active participation in the standards development process.
    • The recipient shall have made sustained and valuable contributions that have clearly enhanced the external stature and the internal quality of the activities of the Committee.
    • The recipient shall have demonstrated a unique level of concern for the long-term well being of the Committee, clearly above and beyond that which is expected of every member.
    • No more than one recipient shall be awarded the Edward T. Wessel per year, but not necessarily every year.


    • Nominations of deserving individuals may be made to the Awards Subcommittee at any time by a member of the Committee and shall include a brief justification for the nomination (no more than one page). It is expected that the nominations will be made in the strictest confidence and without the knowledge of the nominee.
    • Pending nominations shall be reviewed periodically as appropriate, at a minimum on a bi-annual basis. Unsuccessful nominations shall be reconsidered at the next review and nominators will be given an opportunity to update and add to their original nomination prior to the next review being conducted.
    • The review of pending nominations shall be conducted by a group consisting of the Chair of the Awards Subcommittee (who shall coordinate the review process), the current Chair of the Committee, a Past-Chair of the Committee (selected by the Awards Chair in consultation with the present Committee Chair) and at least two other long-term members of the Committee. If possible, the group shall include a minimum of two people who are previous recipients of the Wessel Award.
    • The Chair of the Awards Subcommittee shall be responsible for the preparation of the plaque and notification to the recipient.

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