Dr. Robert D. Stiehler Award - Guidelines

    ASTM International Committee D11 on Rubber

    Dr. Robert D. Stiehler Award


    ASTM International Technical Committee D11 on Rubber established the Dr. Robert D. Stiehler Award in 2003 to recognize an individual for exceptional long-term service to Committee D11 and ASTM International.

    Robert D. Stiehler was a member of D11 from the late 1930s until his death in 2002. During the early World War II years he led efforts in developing quality control test methods for the federal government synthetic rubber plants of the wartime Rubber Reserve Board. This wartime work led to his active role in organizing and maintaining the NBS standard reference materials, or SRM program, for reference rubber industry compounding materials used in D11 testing until its termination in 1985. Stiehler was also active in developing scientifically accurate terminology for new rubbers and polymers (D1418) as developed in the industry after the end of WWII and in promoting the use of SI units for all D11 test methods.

    Starting in 1948, he maintained a leadership role guiding the participation of D11 in international rubber standardization in TC45, the ISO committee on rubber and rubber products. He served as the leader of the USA technical advisory group or TAG to TC45 (currently designated as subcommittee D11.45) from 1951 to 1976. Stiehler received the ASTM Award of Merit in 1968; he was made an Honorary Member of Committee D11 in 1976 and an Honorary Member of ASTM in 1977.

    The Dr. Robert D. Stiehler Award will be presented when a deserving recipient has been selected by the Awards Committee. The award will not be presented more than once in a given year.


    The award recognizes prolonged active participation, contributions to the development and furtherance of D11 standards and contributions to the rubber industry in the area of rubber or rubber chemical testing. The basis for nominating an individual for the Dr. Robert D. Stiehler Award follows:

    1. Active service in D11 for a period of not less than twenty years.
    2. Marked leadership in technical or special activities.
    3. Outstanding contributions in the areas of research or testing leading to new standards development.


    Exceptional service may encompass but is not limited to:

    1.  Active standards participation including authoring new standards or revising existing standards.

    2.  Exemplary work as a committee or subcommittee officer.

    3.  Task group work which addressed very difficult problems.

    4.  Promoting Committee D11 within the rubber industry.

    5.  Development of new or improved equipment which simplifies and/or improves testing.

    6. Recognition of an individual's contributions to the rubber industry.


    An individual must be a member of Dl 1 and actively involved in its activities.

    Nomination Process

    Any member of D11 may nominate a candidate. The nomination should be submitted on the Dr. Robert D. Stiehler Award Nomination form. The justification section should include both quantitative and qualitative information supporting the merit of the award. Nominations must be forwarded to the D11 Awards Committee Chairman by 1 November for consideration the following year.

    Selection Process:

    The Awards Committee will review each nomination presented and, if necessary, request additional information. If more than one individual is nominated the Awards Committee will select a single individual to receive the award. The award will not be presented more than once in a given year.


    A plaque will hang in ASTM International Headquarters. The plaque will have a bust of Dr. Stiehler with an inscription describing the award. The individual receiving the award will have their name and year the award was received inscribed on a plate underneath.

    The individual award shall be a piece of Steuben Glass with a base bearing the recipient's name with an appropriate citation.


    The cost of the plaque and the individual awards will be deducted from the Dr. Robert D. Stiehler Award Fund.

    Dr. Robert D. Stiehler Award Nomination Form






    ASTM History and Committee Activity: (This history may be obtained through the D11 Staff Manager)

    ASTM International Awards: (List all ASTM International awards received by the nominee e.g., Achievement Award, D11 Distinguished Service Award, ASTM International Award of Merit, etc.)

    Justification: (Explain why the individual deserves this award providing specific details and accomplishments.

    Submit this completed form to the D11 Awards Committee Chairperson or to Tim Brooke at ASTM International Headquarters.

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