Committee F18 Award of Excellence - Guidelines

    Committee F18 Award of Excellence


    The F18 Award of Excellence was established in 1998 by the F18 Executive Subcommittee to recognize a member's outstanding service to Committee F18. The award is the highest award that can be given by the committee to a member of Committee F18 on Electrical Protective Equipment for Workers.


    The Executive Subcommittee must determine that the nominee has made long term and outstanding contributions to the cause of F18 standardization, not just expected service. Examples of outstanding contributions may encompass but is not limited to:

    • Exemplary work as an Officer of F18
    • The authoring of significant and/or numerous new standards or major revisions
    • Exceptional leadership
    • Significant contributions in areas that led to the development of standards
    • Other work that may be deemed worthy of recognition


    • Any member of Committee F18 may nominate a candidate. All nominations shall follow the Guidelines for Preparing the F18 Award of Excellence. All nominations shall be mailed to the Fl 8 Staff Manager by January 31of that year. Any nominations received after January 31 will be considered the following year. All nominations will then be forwarded to the chairman of the Awards Committee.
    • The Awards Committee will review each nomination presented to ensure that they follow the Guidelines. They may attain additional information either themselves or have the nominating party provide further information. After sufficient information has been presented, the Awards Committee will submit recommendations to the F18 Executive Subcommittee for approval. A two-thirds majority vote shall be required for acceptance of each nomination. Voting shall be accomplished via administrative letter ballot to the Executive Subcommittee.
    • There shall be no more than two recipients of the award per year. The award shall not be given if there are no qualified candidates identified. Nominations of each unsuccessful candidate shall be reported by letter to the person who prepared the nominating letter. Unsuccessful candidates (because of the limitation of the number of recipients of the award) may be re-nominated the


    A wall plaque will be mounted at ASTM Headquarters and will contain each recipients name and the year in which they received the award. The individual award shall be an engraved walnut plaque bearing the recipient's name, the appropriate citation, and shall be signed by the Chairman of Committee F18. The award will be presented to the recipient(s) at the September Main Committee Opening Session.


    F18 is responsible for all funding, after their supplement is used up.

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