Committee D12 Award - Guidelines


    The Committee D12 Award, established in 1957 by Committee D12 on Soaps and Other Detergents, through voluntary contributions of its members, is presented not more frequently than once a year for outstanding achievement in the field of soap and detergent technology along one or more of the following lines: (a) analysis and standardization, (b) quality control and specifications, (c) physical testing methods, (d) performance testing methods, and, (e) theory of physical or chemical behavior of soaps and detergents.

    The contributions for which the award is presented must have been made available as public knowledge through recognized journals, books government publications, institutional publications, or talks before scientific and technical societies. The Awards Committee shall take ASTM Committee D12 members into primary consideration.


    1. The award shall be administered by an Award Subcommittee consisting of three members of Committee D12, appointed by the Chairman of the Advisory Committee for staggered three-year terms, the senior member serving as chairman. If a member of the Awards Committee is nominated, he shall be replaced by an interim appointee made by the committee.
    2. Nominations may be made in writing to the chairman of the Awards Committee or to the chairman of Committee D12 at any time during the year up to four months before the annual meeting of the committee, but in no case later than 15 November. Nominations can be held over for consideration the following year.
    3. The Award Subcommittee shall select the recipient and shall notify the Chairman of Committee D12, who shall advise the Awards Administrator of the Society, of its selection no later than 10 January of the Award year. The Awards Administrator shall notify the recipient on behalf of the Chairman of the Board, prior to the Committee D12 annual meeting that he/she has been selected to receive the award.
    4. If in the opinion of the Award Subcommittee no person is worthy of the award, none shall be given that year.
    5. The rules governing the award may be modified upon recommendations of the Award Subcommittee.


    The award shall consist of a personalized hand-endorsed certificate, matted and framed.

    FUNDING   --Committee D12 is responsible for all funding of the Award.

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