L. David Suits - Guidelines

    ASTM Committee D35 on Geosynthetics

    L. David Suits Award  


    Committee D35 would like to establish a Society recognized Committee Award in honor of L. David Suits for his outstanding long-term service and commitment to Committee D35 on Geosynthetics, and to the geosynthetic community at large. David joined ASTM in 1978, has been active in the development of geosynthetic standards for over 35 years, and was a founding member of the D35 Committee on Geosynthetics in 1984. Mr. Suits is currently Executive Director of the North American Geosynthetic Society.

    Rationale for Establishment of the Award: 

    Mr. Suits is a Founding Member of the D35 Committee on Geosynthetics, having previously worked on various geosynthetics committees and task groups within D13 on Textiles and D18 on Soil and Rock. Since D35’s founding in January 1984, David has twice served (two 6-year terms) as Committee Chair and has maintained an active leadership role as Task Group Leader (authoring 8 standards) and Chairperson of D35.03 on Permeability and Filtration. Other activities within ASTM include, but are not limited to, Co-Editor of ASTM International Geotechnical Testing Journal, past member of the Committee on Publications and on Technical Committee Operations, including past Chairperson of that committee. In 1996, Mr. Suits was the 1st recipient from D35 to receive the ASTM Award of Merit for his work in geotextile test standardization. 

    Mr. Suits’ professionalism and leadership ability has earned him the highest level of respect from his professional associates and has resulted in him being requested to take on numerous leadership positions. These leadership positions have occurred within ASTM, Transportation Research Board of the National Academia of Sciences, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), Geosynthetic Institute, North American Geosynthetics Society, the founding Chairperson of the ISO TC221 Committee of Geosynthetics and as Chair of numerous geosynthetic related conferences. 

    Mr. Suits has promoted the proper use of geosynthetics by being a course instructor for the National Highway Institute, Adjunct Professor at Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, and participant in the revision of AASHTO Specification M-255 on Geosynthetics.  He has authored/co-authored over 28 papers on geosynthetics. David has been awarded the “1991 Excellence in Engineering Award” and “1995 Award of Excellence” by the New York Department of Transportation, Member Emeritus Status by the Transportation Research Board on Geosynthetics in 2006, and the 2006 International Geosynthetics Society’s Achievement Award. 

    Mr. Suits’ passion for these years of service has been the development and dissemination of pertinent and high-quality standards for use by governments, industry, users and design engineers. David has shown that an individual has the ability to impact the scope and quality of D35 standards on geosynthetics through work within and outside the confines of the D35 Committee. Since its founding, Mr. Suits has represented the highest principles of leadership, dedication and mentoring of Committee D35 and the geosynthetic field. For these reasons, D35 wishes to name the Committee’s first ASTM International Recognized Award for Mr. L. David Suits. 

    Award Criteria:   

    The ASTM D35 L. David Suits Award will be presented to one distinguished individual who by their achievements in the geosynthetic field has resulted in an advancement of geosynthetic knowledge for which ASTM standards are based. It is the intent of this award to recognize and honor individuals whose extensive commitment to the geosynthetic field has made exemplary technical, practical or administrative contributions that has resulted in a significant leap-forward of knowledge, testing, testing equipment or products. Such exemplary contributions can be short-term to life-time achievements; however, these achievements must result in the noteworthy improvement of ASTM D35 and its major products or outcomes. The recipient of this award does not have to be a member of the D35 Committee.

    The L. David Suits Award is intended to recognize outstanding leadership, pioneering applications, test standards, design standards or products in the development of highly valued ASTM standards for the geosynthetic field community. The award is granted only on merit. One or more of the following criteria shall be considered as the basis for nominating an individual for this D35 award:

    1. Extensive productive service in ASTM Committee D35.10 or more years of service required.

           Such service could include:

    • Leadership,
    • Administrative, or
    • Special activities. 

    2. Outstanding contributions in the area of standards development, which required an extensive and uncommon commitment by the individual.

    3. Innovative approaches to the procedures for test methods, which can:

    • Result in a significant advancement  in a standard(s) application or value, or
    • Allow standards to answer technical issues previously considered unattainable.

    4. Pioneering a new testing system or apparatus, which results in a marked advancement in one or more test methods.

    5. Any other outstanding service or activity that has greatly enhanced the prestige or standing, and advancement of the interests of Committee D35.

    Selection Process: 

    1. Nominations must be submitted no later than February 1st of the award year. The Awards Committee will determine a recipient no later than 5 weeks prior to the annual D35 June meeting held in conjunction with the ASTM Committee Week or Geosynthetics Conference.

    2. Nominations shall be reviewed by the Awards committee and the D35 Chair. The D35 2nd Vice Chair will serve as Chair of the Awards Committee.

    3. Given the prestigious nature of the award, only one candidate per year will be presented the award. A submitted nomination is not guaranteed to receive the award. This award does not have to be given every year, and is based solely on merit.

     4. An individual is only eligible as a recipient of this Award one time.

     5. The Awards Committee must determine that the nominee has met the “Award Criteria” outlined above.

    All members of the Awards Committee shall be entitled to a vote, and a simple majority of those present shall be required for acceptance of each nomination.

    Award Format: 

    Presentation of the ASTM D35 L. David Suits Award should be scheduled at the convenience and discretion of the recipient during the year in which it was approved, preferably at the D35 June Meeting held during ASTM Committee Week.

    The award format will be a free standing crystal engraved award that can be displayed on a desk or shelf.  This format was chosen to distinguish it from other committee awards

    Financial Responsibility:

    Committee D35 will provide financial support of this award through regular committee funds and activity fees as needed.

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