Dieter-Hestermann Award - Guidelines

    Committee E53 The Dieter-Hestermann Award

    Rationale for Establishment of the Award: 

    As founding members of Committee E53 (2000-Present), James Dieter and Lyle Hestermann are respected, knowledgeable and important members of the committee. They are well known within the asset management realm and both have served on the board of NPMA. Their understanding of how standards would change the scope of the asset management profession is instrumental in the continued development and acceptance of the committee, its members and our standards that are in place today. Both have taught classes within NPMA and written many articles promoting the use of the committee standards. They have been and continue to be mentors for those that follow in their footsteps. The committee would not be as robust and active without their participation and forward thinking.  

    The intent of the Dieter-Hestermann award is to recognize and honor future individuals who provided outstanding leadership; and have made exemplary technical, practical and administrative contributions to Committee E53 over a continuous period of time. Award winners will have demonstrated Jim and Lyle’s proficiency at achieving high quality standards, principals of leadership, promotion of the committee, the use of its standards and most important demonstrated a willingness to move the committee forward.  

    Award Criteria:   

    The ASTM International Committee E53, Property Management, establishes the Dieter-Hestermann Award to recognize distinguished service to individual Committee E53 members. The award is granted solely on merit. Any or all of the following types of service shall be considered as the basis for nominating an individual(s) for this new E53 Award: 

    1. Very productive service in ASTM Committee E53 working more than a 5 year period. 
    2. Marked leadership in technical, administrative, or special activities at the E53 Committee level. 
    3. Significant technical contributions in authoring new standards or revisions to existing standards. 
    4. Workshops or publications of special benefit to the work of Committee E53. 
    5. Any other outstanding service or activity that has greatly enhanced the prestige or standing, and advanced the interests of, Committee E53.

    Selection Process:   

    1. Nominations must be submitted no later than March 31st of the award year. The Award Committee will determine a recipient no later than 5 weeks prior to the annual E53 meeting held in conjunction with the NPMA Educational Conference each summer. 
    2. Nominations shall be reviewed by the Awards committee and the E53 Chair. The E53 Vice Chair will serve as Chairman of the Awards Committee.
    3. Given the prestigious nature of the award, only one candidate per year will be presented the award (with the exception of the year of establishment).  A submitted nomination is not guaranteed to receive the award.
    4. A nominee will be eligible based solely on their contributions to Committee E53.
    5. An individual is only eligible as a recipient of this Award one time.
    6. The Award Committee must determine that the nominee has met the “Award Criteria” outlined above.

    All members of the Award Committee shall be entitled to a vote, and a simple majority of those present shall be required for acceptance of each nomination.

    Award Format: 

    Presentation of the ASTM E53 Dieter-Hestermann Award should be scheduled at the convenience and discretion of the recipient during the year in which it was approved, preferably at the E53 Meeting held during the NPMA Conference. 

    The award format will be a free standing engraved award that can be displayed on a desk or shelf.  This format was chosen to distinguish it from other committee awards

    Financial Responsibility: 

    Committee E53 will provide financial support of this award through regular committee fund and activity fees.

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