Dieter-Hestermann Award

    The Dieter-Hestermann award is to recognize and honor future individuals who provided outstanding leadership; and have made exemplary technical, practical and administrative contributions to Committee E53 over a continuous period of time. Award winners will have demonstrated Jim and Lyle’s proficiency at achieving high quality standards, principals of leadership, promotion of the committee, the use of its standards and most important demonstrated a willingness to move the committee forward.

    Form of Award:

    Free standing engraved award that can be displayed on a desk or shelf.


    Given the prestigious nature of the award, only one candidate per year will be presented the award (with the exception of the year of establishment). A submitted nomination is not guaranteed to receive the award.

    Administrative Responsibility:

    Honor & Awards Department

    Nomination Deadline:

    Nomination Send To:

    Jen Tursi

    Phone Number:


    Awarded By:


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