Laurence R. "Nuke" Newcome Award - Guidelines

    Laurence R. "Nuke" Newcome Award

    The Laurence R. “Nuke” Newcome Award was established in 2013 to recognize outstanding contributions by ASTM F38 members towards advancing standards development for the UAS industry. This is the highest honor that can be bestowed by Committee F38.


    The Award shall be:

    • Presented not more frequently than once a year.
    • Administered by ASTM Committee F38.
    • Open to any member, or former member, of an ASTM Technical Committee that develops standards for UAS. 

    The nomination shall be based on a recommendation made by the F38 Awards Subcommittee and approved by a 2/3 majority of the Executive Committee (including subcommittee Chairs and Vice Chairs).    

     The selection process includes the following:

    • The F38 Awards Subcommittee shall solicit Laurence R. “Nuke” Newcome Award nominations through e-mail announcements by 1 February of each calendar year.
    • The nomination process shall be open until 1 April (i.e., 2 months).
    • Nominations are to be submitted by e-mail to the Chair of the F38 Awards and Honors Subcommittee.
    • The F38 Awards and Honors Subcommittee shall collate the nominations and make them available to the F38 chair by 1 May.
    • Review of the nominations for acceptance or rejection shall be performed by an ad hoc Newcome Award Review Committee.
    • The F38 chair shall appoint the ad hoc Newcome Award Review Committee by 15 May. This ad hoc Committee shall consist of 5 individuals (including a chair) selected in general from among the F38 members.
    • Nominations shall be sent to the Newcome Award Review Committee members immediately after all are appointed.
    • Members of the F38 Awards and Honors Subcommittee may not be appointed to the Newcome Award Review Committee whenever they have participated in submitting a nomination on behalf of F38.
    • Nominations and their reviews shall be held in strict confidence by those appointed to the Newcome Award Review Committee. 
    • A majority vote of the Newcome Award Review Committee members shall constitute approval of a recipient.
    • The chair of the Newcome Award Review Committee shall notify the Chair of the F38 Awards and Honors Subcommittee of the results of the nomination reviews by 1 July.
    • A recipient shall be notified in advance of the Fall Committee week meetings and announced publicly at the F38 Executive and Main Committee meetings during that Committee week.
    • The Award shall be presented at an ASTM meeting of the recipient’s choice.
    • The F38 Awards and Honors Subcommittee shall work with Headquarters to assure successful planning of the Award ceremony including preparation of the recipient’s plaque and determination of who will present the Award.
    • Upon advice of the Newcome Award Review Committee, a nomination that was considered secondary to a successful nomination, but yet having merit, may be considered in a subsequent year upon re-nomination.
    • The Award shall not be given if no qualified nominations are identified.


    The Laurence R. “Nuke” Newcome Award shall consist of an engraved black brass plaque with name-plates engraved with the names of recipients and years of the awards.  This plaque shall be mounted on the wall of ASTM Headquarters that honors winners of Technical Committee awards.  The recipient shall be presented with a wooden wall plaque. 

    The citation on the Headquarters plaque shall read

    Laurence R. “Nuke” Newcome Award

    Committee F38 on Unmanned Aircraft Systems

    In recognition of outstanding contributions to the

    integration of unmanned aircraft into civil aviation

    as exemplified by Nuke’s distinguished accomplishments. 

    Plaque donated by …………………Committee F38 Fund 

    The citation on the recipient’s plaque shall read

    Laurence R. “Nuke” Newcome Award


    ASTM Committee F38 on Unmanned Aircraft Systems 

    Presented to:

    Recipient Name 

    In recognition of (his/her) distinguished contributions

    to advancing UAS integration in civil aviation

    through (his/her) dedication and leadership in the industry.



    Funding for the Laurence R. “Nuke” Newcome Award plaque displayed at ASTM Headquarters resides in the committee fund and was obtained through donations to Committee F38 expressly for this purpose. The fee for engraving a recipient’s name on the Headquarters plaque and the furnishing of the recipient’s plaque shall be financed from F38 Committee funds and/or with the assistance of funding available from ASTM Headquarters’ award allowance.

    Format for a Nomination for the ASTM Committee F38 Laurence R. “Nuke” Newcome Award 

    Section I - General Candidate Information:

    Name of Nominee

    Professional Title

    Department or Division

    Name of Company or Organization

    Physical Address

    Phone Number

    Email Address 

    Section II – Rationale for the Nomination

                [Provide information on reasons for the nomination in no more than 500 words]

    • No more than one page summary of the individual’s background and history with Committee F38 along with the rationale for the nomination.
    • A listing, in table format, of the standards associated with the nominee and their particular role in the publishing of that standard (e.g., author, Task Group lead, reviewer, etc.).
    • Record of their service in a F38 leadership capacity including dates / duration of service.
    • Other industry / societal contributions deemed relevant to a selection committee (e.g., summary of other published works, recommendations from government officials, etc

    Section III – Submitter’s Committee and Contact Information:

    [Provide submitter’s Committee and name, address, and e-mail]


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