Warren D. Ketola Award - Guidelines

    G03 Warren D. Ketola Award  

    Award Criteria  

    Any member of Committee G03 is eligible to receive the Warren D. Ketola Award.  A nominee will be judged upon the member’s sustained and exceptional contribution to the development and use of consensus standards in the field of weathering and durability and its applications.  The award recognizes outstanding personal performance in service to Committee G03 or to one of its technical subcommittees.  Though not a prerequisite, a long and productive service within G03 will be considered on its own as a significant item in the evaluation process.  

    Selection Process

    The Warren D. Ketola Award is presented not more than once a year to a member of Committee G03 who has demonstrated sustained contributions to the development of weathering standards. The recipient shall have demonstrated commitment to the following:

    1. Promotion of weathering and durability standards based on sound technical principles and research.

    2. Commitment to the development of practical standards written in clear and concise language so as to be understandable and useful to the typical user.

    3. Recognition of ASTM standards within international standards writing organizations.  

    The selection of the candidate will be made by the Executive Subcommittee G03.90 based on nominations submitted by the subcommittee chairmen or by any G03 member.  Names and profiles of candidates must be submitted in the Candidate Profile format (provided below) to the Chair of Committee G03 by December 1 or May 1 for consideration at the spring or summer Executive Subcommittee meetings, respectively.  The Chair of G03 will then review the nominations to verify compliance with the award criteria, circulate the submissions to all members of the Executive Subcommittee at least 2 weeks prior to their upcoming meeting, and place the discussion of the Award (but not the names of the candidates) on the meeting agenda.  

    Selection of the recipient of the award shall be based on merit.  A maximum of one person may be honored in a calendar year and there is no requirement to bestow the honor each year.  The candidates and the submissions shall be discussed at the G03.90 meeting, but if one of the candidates is present, the discussion shall be deferred and handled by telephone, mail or e-mail.  Between 2 and 4 weeks after these discussions, the Committee G03 Chair shall send a ballot to each member of the Executive Subcommittee with ballots to be returned to the Committee G03 Chair within 15 days.  Approval of the nominee will be based upon 66% affirmative vote on the returned ballots.  When a member has received approval for the award, this shall be announced.  At the next Main Committee meeting following the ballot, if the recipient is on hand, the award will be presented by the most senior ASTM official available.  

    Candidate Profile  

    Section I – Nominee  

    Name, Title



    City, State, Zip, Country  

    Section II - Citation  

    Provide a brief description of the nominee’s overall contributions toward the development and use of consensus standards in the field of weathering technology and its applications.

    Section III – Qualifications  

    Describe the nominee’s contributions to ASTM and Committee G03 that provide the justification for this award.  Indicate the nominee’s G03 term of membership and positions held.  Describe specific contributions to writing or revising standards and indicate the importance of these contributions.  Describe other contributions to committee efforts, such as helping to implement or publicize standards, conducting round-robin tests, etc.  Where relevant, include a description of the nominee’s other notable professional activities and achievements.  

    Section IV – Biography  

    Give a brief biography of the nominee.  Include such information as date and place of birth, education and professional career accomplishments.  Indicate the nominee’s specific area of expertise.  The biographical data might include the total number of published papers, positions in other professional organizations, citations, professional awards, etc. Emphasis should be on the nominee’s contributions in the field of weathering technology and its applications.  

    Award Format  

    The award will consist of a plaque presented to each recipient.  Future consideration will be given to preparing a wall plaque for display at ASTM Headquarters with an image of Warren and a listing of past recipients.  

    Financial Support  

    The cost of the individual plaques and the future wall plaque will be deducted from the General Fund of Committee G03.



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