Chip Collins Memorial Award - Guidelines

    Chip Collins Memorial Award

    Award Criteria

    The ASTM International Committee E35 on Pesticides and Alternative Control Agents establishes the Chip Collins Memorial Award to recognize distinguished service to Committee E35 on Pesticides and Alternative Control Agents by individual members.  The award is granted solely on merit. Any or all of the following types of service shall be considered as the basis for nominating an individual for this new E35 Award: 

    1. Very productive service in ASTM Committee E35 working over a significant period of time. (More than one year).

    2. Marked leadership in technical, administrative, or special activities at the E35 Committee level.

    3. Outstanding contributions in the areas of research or testing, leading to new E35 standards development.

    4. Symposium or publication activities of special benefit to the work of Committee E35.

    5. Any other outstanding service or activity that has greatly enhanced the prestige or standing, and advanced the interests of, Committee E35.

     Selection Process 

    1. Nominations must be submitted no later than July 1. Nominations received after July 1 will be considered for the following year. The nominating committee will determine a recipient no later than 6 weeks prior to the October meeting. The award will be presented at the October meeting.
    2. Nominations shall be reviewed by an Awards Subcommittee consisting of (at least) the relevant Subcommittee Chair, E35.90 Chair and any ASTM Award of Merit recipients of the relevant Subcommittee. The E35.90 Chair will serve as Chairman of the Awards Committee.
    3. Given the prestigious nature of the award, only one candidate per year will be presented the award. If there is a unique exception where an additional candidate should be considered, Exec approval is required and no more than two (total) recipients can be approved in a given year.
    4. A nominee will be eligible based solely on contributions to Committee E35. 
    5. An individual is only eligible as a recipient of the E35 Award one time.
    6. The Award Committee must determine that the nominee has performed distinguished, and not just expected, service to ASTM E35.  In addition, the Award Committee shall ensure that the "Guidelines" have been followed and the "Basis of the Award" conditions have been met.
    7. All members of the Award Committee shall be entitled to a vote, and a simple majority of those present shall be required for acceptance of each nomination.

    Award Format

    The award shall consist of a walnut plaque designating the recipient a Fellow of Committee E35 that will be displayed at ASTM Headquarters.  An individual Award plaque may also be given to each recipient with a special citation. 

    Presentation of the ASTM E35 Award should be scheduled at the convenience and discretion of the recipient during the year in which it was approved, preferably at an ASTM E35 Committee meeting, appropriate Subcommittee meeting or Symposium. 

    Financial Responsibility

    Committee E35 will provide financial support of this award through regular committee fund and activity fees. 



    General Candidate Information: 

    Name of Nominee

    Professional Title

    Department or Division

    Name of Company or Organization

    Physical Address

    Telephone Number

    Email Address

    ASTM Committee History/Activities:

    Include general history of ASTM membership, office held, work items, or other history.

    Basis for Nomination:

    Please briefly state, from the Rules Governing the E35 Award, what outstanding contributions or service(s) shall be considered as the basis for nominating this individual for this Award.  Explain why the individual was selected by your committee/subcommittee to be nominated at this time, including specific standards, papers or other relevant activities as well as other considerations you wish to submit about the nominee for consideration. 

    Award Plaque Citation (if applicable)

    Include one carefully prepared sentence that illustrates why the nominee is receiving the award.  Be specific and succinct; mention the committee/subcommittee and any activities, leadership or services to the committee in which the nominee has performed in an "outstanding manner." 

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