Charles W. Briggs Award - Guidelines


    The Charles W. Briggs Award was established in 1978 for formal recognition of continuous and outstanding contributions of an individual to the work of Committee E07 on Nondestructive Testing through its various Subcommittees, Sections, and Task Groups.


    There shall be no more than five such awards presented in the first year, and no more than two such awards presented in any single year thereafter depending upon the judgment of the Awards Committee.

    Candidates for this award shall fulfill the following requirements:

    1) Ten years of activity in Committee E07 and/or one or more Subcommittees, Sections, or Task Groups. The ten-year service requirement may be current or past service. The candidate may not necessarily be currently active.

    2) The candidate shall have made significant contributions to the work of one or more committees. He/she may or may not have been a committee officer.

    3) If the candidate fulfills the above, it is not a requirement that he be a member of ASTM.

    4) A candidate of this award may be nominated by any member of the ASTM Committee E07 by letter to the Chairman of the Awards Committee (2nd Vice Chairman of Committee E07). Nominations will be closed December 1 of each year, but letters of nomination received after December 1 will be considered for the following year. The letter of nominations must contain the name, address, and affiliation of the nominee and reasons substantiating the committee work of the candidate and his eligibility for the award. The person making the nomination along with his affiliation and address must sign these letters.

    5) Selection of successful candidates for this award shall be made by the Awards Committee following due consideration of the nominating letters and their own investigation. The successful candidates shall be reported to the Executive Committee at the Mid-Winter Meeting for approval. When approved, these candidates become recipients of the award at the following Annual Meeting of Committee E07.


    The Charles W. Briggs Award shall consist of walnut, shadow box plaque with the bronze ASTM logo, on a blue velvet background.

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