Carl G. Cash Award - Guidelines


    Sponsored by ASTM Committee D08 on Roofing and Waterproofing 


    ASTM Technical Committee D08 on Roofing and Waterproofing proposes to establish the Carl G. Cash Award to recognize outstanding research-oriented contributions by ASTM Construction Committee members to the advancement of building envelope technology, as exemplified by the distinguished accomplishments in this field by Carl G. Cash. Carl Cash devoted his entire professional career to enhancing the performance of materials, components, and systems used in the building envelope, and most notably roofing and waterproofing. This career spanned 50-plus years and ended only with his death in 2007. As a chemist by formal training, after a term in the U.S. Army, his formative years were spent working in industrial chemical positions for manufacturers of roofing materials and systems. His professional duties covered the numerous facets and activities within roofing industry including manufacturing, quality control, research, product and systems development, marketing, and sales management. This broad background provided him unique insight into the workings of the roofing industry and served him invaluably as he moved into his major lifelong position as a consulting engineer, and building envelope pathologist. In 1971, Carl joined Simpson, Gumpertz and Heger Inc., a consulting engineering firm, where he continued to work as a senior principal until his death. His duties at SGH focused on both the practical and theoretical aspects on roofing performance. Specifically, not only did he design and develop specifications for countless buildings including residential, commercial, industrial, governmental, college, and university structures, he also developed new and improved test methods, and conducted laboratory research to establish roofing materials and systems properties. He also conducted numerous field and laboratory investigations on both failed roofing and waterproofing systems. In the latter case, the results of his investigations often became the bases for many of the technical papers and presentations that he contributed to the roofing industry both nationally and internationally. It is noted with acclaim that, through his own studious self-education, he passed the Massachusetts PE exams, and consequently, was a registered professional engineer in Massachusetts. 

    Carl joined ASTM Technical Committee D08 in 1959 – making him a member for close to 50 years. He was not only one of D08’s most respected members for his outstanding efforts given to standards development, but perhaps also one of its most feared because of his tireless dedication to preventing draft standards from reaching final approval when he considered that they were not in shape to be issued. During his 48 years of D08 service, Carl was its most diligent and tireless member. He chaired numerous task groups, was a member of countless others, was the principal author of 14 D08 standards, and participated in numerous round robins when the laboratory that he developed at SGH had the apparatus to do so. Through the 1980s and early 1990s, Carl served as chair of D08.20 on Roofing Systems. From 1995 to 2001, he chaired the D08.00 Main Committee. From mid-1994 through 1996, he chaired the D08 Awards Committee. In 1983, Carl was honored with the ASTM Award of Merit and named a Fellow of the Society. In 1998, he received the Voss Award for his contributions to the understanding of roofing materials and systems performance. In 1999, D08 presented him an Award of Appreciation with thanks for his 40 years of continuous, active participation in its activities. In 2003, his long-term contributions were further recognized when the D08 Committee members elected him an Honorary Committee Member. In 2007, D08 presented him posthumously its most prestigious Award, the William C. Cullen Award, in recognition of his distinguished contributions and personal commitment to Committee D08 and to the field of roofing and waterproofing. Also in 2007, the D08 Awards Committee nominated his seminal paper, “Porosity of Glass Fiber Felts Used in Built-Up Roofing,” (Roofing Research and Standards Development: 2nd Volume, STP 1088, ASTM, June 1990) for the 2007 ASTM Charles B. Dudley Award.[1] 

    Carl’s contributions to building envelope technology, and particularly the roofing and waterproofing industry, are well known in that community both within and outside of ASTM Committee D08.  As a consulting engineer, Carl’s primary professional responsibilities were to SGH and its clients. In spite of such responsibilities, to his credit, he was also one of the roofing industry’s most prolific authors. Carl’s authorship of more than 60 papers and reports¾about one paper or article per year over his professional career¾is a significant accomplishment for a consulting engineer. The subjects that he addressed were generally aimed at providing recommendations for improving the performance of roofing, which is a segment of the building industry that has been traditionally starved for technical information. His papers and reports were directed at broad audiences concerned with roofing design, construction, and performance and appeared in a wide variety of media ranging from professional journals, conference proceedings, book chapters, manuals, and trade publications. Included here were at least nine papers in ASTM STPs. Among Carl’s last major efforts, which will provide advice and direction to roofing technologists for many years to come, was the publication of Roofing Failures (Spon Press). This text recounts numerous examples of his personal experiences in investigating roof failures with emphasis on the lessons learned during his investigations. In summary, Carl’s love of advancing knowledge through the written word fittingly forms the basis of the proposed Carl G. Cash Award.


    The basis of the Award shall be: 

    • Outstanding contributions to building envelope technology through research conducted in either the laboratory or field. Such research shall have resulted in significant advances or major innovation to the knowledge base and performance of materials, components, or systems that comprise the building envelope for either residential or commercial-industrial construction.
    • Reporting of this research in a meritorious technical paper, series of technical papers, monograph, text book, or the like. 

    As such, the Carl G. Cash Award may be thought of as a “best paper award” in the building envelope field. 


     The Award shall be:

    • Presented not more frequently than once a year.
    • Administered by ASTM Committee D08.
    • Open to any member, or former member, of an ASTM Technical Committee that develops standards for materials, components, and systems used in the building envelope. 
    • Open to individuals living at the time of submittal of the nomination.

     The nomination shall be:

    • Based on a research publication that appeared in print at least three years prior to the submittal of the nomination.
    • A brief summary of the research paper(s) on which the nomination is based. In that regard, a nomination shall consist of three sections (see attachment 1):
    • Section I shall provide the bibliographic information for the research paper(s) or related publication cited.
    • Section II shall provide the name of the ASTM Technical Committee submitting the nomination and the name, address, and e-mail of the individual submitting the nomination on behalf of the Technical Committee.
    • Section III shall provide the rationale for the nomination. Information in the rationale should include background and objective as to why the research was conducted, an overview of the research conducted, a summary of the major conclusions and recommendations from the study, and a summary of the major benefits of the research.
    • Section III shall not exceed 500 words. Nominations shall strictly conform to this limitation; those not conforming shall not be accepted and reviewed.

     The selection process includes the following:

    • The D08 Awards and Honors Subcommittee shall solicit Carl G. Cash Award nominations through e-mail announcements by 1 February of a given calendar year. These announcements shall be broadcast to ASTM Technical Committees that develop standards on the building envelope. The D08 staff manager shall coordinate these broadcasts with the staff managers of Technical Committees that are to receive the announcements.
    • Announcements that nominations are open shall only be sent to those Technical Committees wishing to receive them.
    • Not more than one nomination from a Technical Committee shall be submitted per year.
    • The nomination process shall be open until 1 June (i.e., 4 months).
    • Nominations are to be submitted by e-mail to the Chair of the D08 Awards and Honors Subcommittee.
    • The D08 Awards and Honors Subcommittee shall collate the nominations and make them available to the D08 chair by 1 July.
    • Review of the nominations for acceptance or rejection shall be performed by an ad-hoc Cash Award Review Committee.
    • The D08 chair shall appoint the ad-hoc Cash Award Review Committee by 1 August. This ad-hoc Committee shall consist of 5 individuals (including a chair) selected in general from among the D08 members. Other Technical Committees may be approached when their members’ expertise is considered appropriate for the reviews.
    • Nominations shall be sent to the Cash Award Review Committee members immediately after all are appointed.
    • Members of the D08 Awards and Honors Subcommittee may not be appointed to the Cash Award Review Committee whenever they have participated in submitting a nomination on behalf of D08.
    • Nominations and their reviews shall be held in strict confidence by those appointed to the Cash Award Review Committee. 
    • A majority vote of the Cash Award Review Committee members shall constitute approval of a recipient.
    • The chair of the Cash Award Review Committee shall notify the Chair of the D08 Awards and Honors Subcommittee of the results of the nomination reviews by 1 November.
    • A recipient shall be notified in advance of the December Committee week meetings and announced publicly at the D08 Executive and Main Committee meetings during that Committee week.
    • The D08 Awards and Honors Subcommittee shall notify Technical Committees submitting nominations of the results of their reviews within 10 days of the December Committee week meetings.
    • The Award shall be presented at an ASTM meeting of the recipient’s choice.
    • The D08 Awards and Honors Subcommittee shall work with Headquarters to assure successful planning of the Award ceremony including preparation of the recipient’s plaque and determination of who will present the Award.
    • Upon advice of the Cash Award Review Committee, a nomination that was considered secondary to a successful nomination, but yet having merit, may be considered in a subsequent year upon re-nomination. The D08 Awards and Honors Subcommittee shall inform the submitting Technical Committee of such circumstances whenever they occur.
    • The Award shall not be given if no qualified nominations are identified.


    The Carl G. Cash Award shall consist of an engraved black brass plaque with nameplates engraved with the names of recipients and years of the awards.  This plaque shall be mounted on the wall of ASTM Headquarters that honors winners of Technical Committee awards.  The recipient shall be presented with a wooden wall plaque.

     The citation on the Headquarters plaque shall read:

     Carl G. Cash Award

    Committee D08 on Roofing and Waterproofing

     In recognition of outstanding research contributions to

    advancing building envelope technology

    as exemplified by the distinguished accomplishments in this field by Carl G. Cash.



    Plaque donated by …………………Committee D08 Fund

    [1] The recipient of the 2007 Dudley Award had yet to be determined at the time of preparation of this proposal.

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