Charles H. Irvine Memorial Award - Guidelines

    Charles H. Irvine Memorial Award  

    Establishment of the Award 

    The Charles H. Irvine Award has been established by Committee F13 on Safety and Traction for Footwear and will be submitted to the ASTM Board of Directors in 1996. It is an award dedicated to the memory of Charles H. Irvine, the first Chairman of Committee F13 and a life-long leader in the development of standards to promote workplace safety, reduce incidence of pedestrian slip-and fall accidents (which annually cost society billions of dollars in liability and lost productivity, as well as untold human suffering), further the science of floor slipperiness and shoe sole slipperiness, and to better design stairways. 

    Purpose of the Award

    The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding professionals in the field of pedestrian safety. 

    A Perspective on the Career of Charles H. Irvine

    Charles H. Irvine was a unique individual who remained dedicated to improving workplace safety through research and development throughout his 35 year career. In 1954, Mr. Irvine was hired as the very first employee of the Liberty Mutual Research Center for Safety and Health, in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. There he began his career researching manual materials handling.  In the mid-1960’s, he redirected his research to focus on the prevention of slips and falls in the workplace. In addition to numerous research papers published in scientific journals, Mr. Irvine was responsible for the development of the horizontal pull slipmeter, which became widely used throughout industry and became the basis for several ASTM standard test methods and specifications.  Mr. Irvine also developed and innovative truck access system, which was incorporated into a governmental regulation through the U.S. Department of Transportation. His additional contributions included research and development in occupational work capacity, product hazard evaluation, truck safety, and fabric flammability.

    A prominent contribution member of ASTM, as well as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Mr. Irvine served on numerous technical committees and participated as a leader in countless task groups’ initiatives. He was also an active member of the Human Factors Society (HFS).

     Noted Participation in ASTM: 

    • Technical Committee F-13 on Safety and Traction for Footwear, 1972-1992

              -  Committee Chairman, 1987-1992

              -  Committee Vice-Chairman, 1980-1987

    • Technical Committee D-13 on Textiles, 1975-1992
    • Technical Subcommittee E-13.52 on Flammability of Fabrics, 1975-1992
    • Technical Committee D-13 Ad Hoc Task Force on Laboratory Accreditation 

    Noted Participation in ANSI:

    • Committee A-14 on Ladder Standards
    • Information Council for Fabric Flammability
    • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Committee A17 

    A graduated of Wentworth Institute in Boston, Mr. Irvine also completed studies at NortheasternUniversity and Harvard School of Public Health in Boston. In addition to his professional success, he was active in town and school government, and, with his wife of more than 40 years, Mary, raised three children. 

    Award Criteria

    Committee F13 will establish an ad hoc Award Nomination Task Force, which will meet at least once per year to evaluate prospective candidates for the Charles H. Irvine Memorial Award. 

    The following criteria shall be considered as the basis for honoring an individual or organization with the Charles H. Irvine Memorial Award: 

    • The individual or organization is to be well-known in the field of pedestrian safety or slip-and-fall accident prevention and or research; and, 
    • The individual or organization shall have made significant and sustained contributions to the advancement of the field of pedestrian safety and or slip-and-fall accident prevention and, in particular, to the utilization of applied safety standard throughout industry and the general community; and, 
    • The individual or organization shall maintain active membership in professional organizations which share a common-goal of promoting safety research and injury prevention in pedestrian safety or related areas; and, 
    • The individual or organization shall have demonstrated knowledge which has been shared throughout society through published papers, articles, seminars, mentoring, teaching or coaching; and, 
    • The individual or organization shall have demonstrated admirable personal characteristics such as humility and commitment to purpose. 

    Preparations and Submission of Nominations 

    Nominations shall be solicited for the Charles H. Irvine Memorial Award in January of each year through a variety of publicity avenues including, but not limited to ASTM Standardization News, and all other such publications actively reporting ASTM-related pedestrian safety and slip-and-fall related standards development activities. Publicity will also be generated through the memberships of ASTM Committee F-13, C-21, D-1, D-13 and other organizations which have an appropriate membership base for such an award (these will be maintained by the Committee Staff Manager). Nominations may also be sought by direct solicitation, and self-nominations will not be discouraged. The nominee need not be an ASTM member.

     All nominations will follow the “Guidelines for Preparing Charles H. Irvine Memorial

    Award Nominations”, which shall be provided upon request by ASTM World Headquarters, West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. Nominations shall be submitted to the Charles H. Irvine Memorial Award Selection Committee, % F-13 Staff Manager, ASTM, 100 Barr Harbor Drive, WestConshohocken, Pennsylvania, 19428-2959 (USA), by July 15. Nominations received after July 15 will be held for consideration in the following calendar year.

    Charles H. Irvine Memorial Award Selection Committee 

    The Charles H. Irvine Memorial Award Selection Committee shall consist of at least one representative from ASTM Committee F-13 and four other experts the field of applied pedestrian safety and/or slips, stumbles, and falls accident prevention who are familiar with Mr. Irvine’s career or the nature of his work for which this award is established. The Chairman of the F-13 Administrative Subcommittee on Awards and Distinctions shall oversee and facilitate the Charles H. Irvine Memorial Awards Selection Committee and is responsible for the composition of this activity.

    The Committee shall meet in August of each year at ASTM World Headquarters or a mutually agreed-upon site and time of the committee’s choosing to consider the nominations that have been submitted. The Committee must determine that the nominee meets the criteria of the Charles H. Irvine Memorial Award and ensure that the appropriate guidelines have been followed and that the documentation is sufficient to allow for a decision to be made. 

    All members of the Charles H. Irvine Memorial Award Selection Committee shall be entitled to a vote, and a simple majority shall be required for the acceptance of the nomination. In the event that there are multiple nominations which are considered to be valid and worthy of selection, multiple awards may be presented at the discretion of the Selection Committee as affirmed by a simple majority vote. The Chairman of the Selection Committee shall report upon the selection committee’s actions to the F-13 Executive Committee, and the F-13 General Chairman shall notify the award recipient. 

    Form, Presentation and Funding of the Award

    The Charles H. Irvine Memorial Award will be presented annually as nominations warrant, and the presentation will be made at the Committee F13 Fall/Winter Meeting unless the recipient cannot be in attendance. Should the Spring/Summer Meeting allow the recipient a better likelihood of being physically present, then the award will be presented at that time. The award may also be presented in absentia or in memoria. 

    A substantive plaque of appropriate size and composition shall be purchased and permanently located at ASTM World Headquarters in West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania which will display for all witnesses the names of award recipients. The recipient will receive a smaller plaque which shall be consistent with an award of this distinction. Each plaque shall be affixed with a replica of the likeness of the head and face of Charles H. Irvine, and shall be dated accordingly with the presentation to the recipient. Whenever possible, the recipient will be presented the award by the F13 General Chairman and Selection Committee Chairman. The recipient will also be furnished with complimentary photographs of the award presentation ceremony.  

    As a matter of permanent record, the committee recognizes the generosity of Liberty Mutual Insurance Group/Boston, for their assistance in establishing this award. ASTM Committee F13 will establish a permanent fund to endow the costs associated with the presentation of individual awards and the long-term maintenance of the substantive plaque at ASTM World Headquarters. Any necessary funds not provided for in the permanent endowment shall be provided through the F13 General Activity Fund.




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