Charles B. Dudley Award - Guidelines

    ASTM International Committee on Publications

    Charles B. Dudley Award


    The Charles B. Dudley Award is presented not more frequently than once a year to an author(s) or editor(s) of a book or paper, or a series of books or papers, published by ASTM International, who makes an outstanding contribution that is of widely recognized impact on a particular field of interest to ASTM International. 

    The award, established in 1925, is in honor of the first President (now termed Board Chair) of ASTM, whose inspiring leadership had a profound influence on the organization's development. The award is intended to stimulate research leading to standardization, extend the knowledge of the properties of engineering materials, and recognize meritorious contributions to the publications of ASTM International. 


    The award shall be administered by the Committee on Publications (COP) through its Dudley Award Task Group, which consists of three members of ASTM appointed for three-year staggered terms.

    Members will be appointed by the Chair of COP from the members of COP. Nominations will be solicited from ASTM committees through a notice to be placed by staff in an issue of Standardization News and through appropriate announcements as needed.

    Each committee may submit up to one nomination per year.

    Members of the COP are not eligible for the award. Nominations must be submitted by the date announced in Standardization News to the COP, c/o the Vice President of the Publications and Marketing Division of ASTM by means of a letter containing supporting documentation for the nomination. A letter acknowledging receipt of a nomination will be sent to the submitter by the Vice President, Publications and Marketing Division.

    Nominations must contain:                                                                           

    (1) The name of the publication(s),

    (2) Name of the author(s), editor(s), or contributors of the publication(s) being nominated,

    (3) Name of ASTM committee submitting the nomination and the name and address of the individual submitting the nomination on behalf of the committee, and

    (4) Statement of 300 to 500 words or less indicating why the committee is nominating the publication illustrating how it meets the criteria, primarily focusing on the demonstration of how this contribution has widely recognized impact on the particular field of ASTM interest including references to establish the impacts.

    A minimum of 3 years must have elapsed between the date of publication of a nominee and the nomination deadline. The same scope cannot win the award twice within ten years. This includes multiple editions of the same work. 

    Nominations not selected during a calendar year may be retained and reconsidered the following year with approval of the sponsoring technical committee on a one time basis only.

    The Dudley Award Task Group shall submit its recommendations to the Chair of COP for consideration at the meeting of that committee following the deadline referenced in Standardization News. The recommendation shall require approval of at least two-thirds of the members present. If, in the opinion of the COP, no publication meets the criteria for the award, none shall be given for that year. 

    The Membership Promotion and Awards Department shall be notified by the Vice President of Publications and Marketing no later than one month after the meeting at which COP reached a decision regarding the award. 

    The recipient(s) of the Charles B. Dudley Award will be notified of selection by the ASTM Board Chair within one month after the meeting of COP at which the Committee reached a decision regarding the award. 

    The Membership Promotion and Awards Department will prepare appropriate publicity announcements on the recipient and will order all related materials to be received by the recipient. 

    The award shall be presented by the Board Chair of ASTM or designee at an ASTM meeting of the recipient's choosing.


    The award is made for an outstanding contribution that has a widely recognized impact on a particular field of ASTM interest and has been published in ASTM literature. Among the eligible publications are:

    • An individual or group of papers,
    • A special technical publication (STP), and
    • A new publication series (manual, data series, or monograph).
    • ASTM Standards are not eligible for consideration under this Award.
    • The nominated publication must meet the requirements of the particular journal, manual, monograph, data series, STP, or group of technical papers. 

    The Award:

    The Charles B. Dudley Award shall consist of a walnut plaque with royal port velvet background containing:

    (1) One bronze base relief medallion of Charles B. Dudley,

    (2) One bronze ASTM International logo disc, and

    (3) One bronze plate suitable for engraving. 

    Wording on the plate will include:

    Charles B. Dudley Award

    Established in 1925 by ASTM in commemoration of the Society’s first President, Charles B. Dudley, in order to stimulate research leading to standardization, extend knowledge of the specific interests of the Society, and recognize meritorious contributions to the publications of the Society.

    is conferred on



    (Signature) President, Year, and (Signature) Board Chair 

    In addition to the award, recipients shall receive an honorarium whose amount shall be $2,500.00 for a single author or $5,000.00 for two or more authors, divided equally among the authors. 

    Should a committee be named the recipient of the Charles B. Dudley Award, the Committee chair shall receive the plaque on behalf of the committee and the honorarium shall be placed in the committee's account. 


    The Charles B. Dudley Award was originally established through contributions made by the ASTM membership. All charges for the award shall be covered by the Society under the Honors and Awards Department.

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