Cedric Powell Award - Guidelines


    The Cedric Powell Award was established in 1993 to recognize Cedric Powell of the National Institute of Standards and Technology for a lifetime of scientific and technical excellence in pursuit of national and international standards for surface analysis. This award was initiated to honor his accomplishments and contributions to the field of surface analysis.

    This award is limited to no more than one recipient per year. It may be presented to an individual, who, for involuntary reasons, is no longer active in committee work. All nominees should have a long record of meritorious service.


    Any or all of the following types of service shall be considered as a basis for nominating an individual for the Cedric Powell Award.

    • Unusually productive service in ASTM  E42 committee works over a substantial period of time.
    • Marked leadership in establishing international liaisons and/or international standards for ASTM E42 activities.
    • Outstanding leadership or contributions in areas of research or testing that leads to new standards. Example: Writing, testing, and leading round robin testing of Calibration of Electron Spectrometers.
    • Symposium or publication activities that benefit both the committee and the users of E42 standards.
    • Any other outstanding service or activity that has greatly enhanced the prestige or standing and advanced the interest of ASTM E42.


    • Nominations can be made by either the ASTM E42 Awards Subcommittee or any member of Committee E42.
    • The nominee should be an active member of ASTM E42 in the year of nomination. In the case of involuntary reasons for non-activity, this prerequisite shall be set aside.


    • The Cedric Powell Award Committee shall be the Committee E42 Award subcommittee, and the chairman of the Committee E42 awards subcommittee is the chairman of the Cedric Powell Award Committee.
    • All members of the award committee shall be entitled to vote, and a simple majority shall be required for reapproval of a nomination.
    • The Cedric Powell Award Committee shall meet at least once a year.
    • The recommendations of this committee shall be reported to the Committee E42 executive Committee.


    The award shall consist of a walnut plaque designating that individual as a recipient of the Cedric Powell Award.

    Presentation should be scheduled at the convenience and discretion of Committee E42.

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