C. A. Hogentogler Award - Guidelines


    The C. A. Hogentogler Award, established in 1953, was named in the honor of the first Chairman of Committee D18. It is given once a year to the author(s) of a paper of outstanding merit on soil and rock for engineering purposes, presented during a meeting or published by the Society. The purposes of the award are to stimulate research, to encourage the extension of knowledge of soil and rock for engineering purposes, and to recognize meritorious effort.


    The C. A. Hogentogler Award shall be administered by an Awards Committee consisting pf three members of Committee D18, the Chairman to be the second vice Chairman of Committee D18 and the other tow members to be the most recent recipients of the award. Members of the Standing Committee on Publications shall not be eligible to serve on the Hogentogler Awards Committee.

    Papers eligible for the award shall have been accepted by the Society's Standing Committee on Publications for publication by the Society. These papers shall be the bona fide production of those who contribute them and shall not have been previously made public at any other than a Society meeting or in a Society publication.

    Between 30 June and 15 December of a given year, the Hogentogler Awards Committee shall review the eligible papers, which have been published by the Society in the period from July of the preceding year to 30 June of a given year. Preprints shall not be construed as publication.

    The Committee shall select the best paper and advise the Awards Administrator of its selection by 15 December of the year preceding the Award. The selected paper will be reviewed by the Dudley Medal Committee along with other eligible papers.

    The Awards Administrator shall notify the winner or winners of the award and the award shall be presented at the discretion of the recipient or recipients.

    If in the opinion of the Committee for a given year, none of the papers are worthy of the award, none shall be made for that year.

    Committee D18 shall have authority to decide any questions not specifically covered by these rules and to make recommendations for modification.


    The Hogentogler Award shall consist of a walnut and bronze plaque, with a royal blue velvet background and photo-etched medallion of Mr. Hogentogler. In the case of co-authors of an award paper, both will receive a plaque.


    The award was established through voluntary contributions of the members of Committee D18.  

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