Bryant Mather Award - Guidelines

    The C01 Bryant Mather Award 

    Reason for Award Establishment:

    The C01 Bryant Mather Award is given by Committee C01 to recognize efforts of outstanding merit that further the continuing development of standards for hydraulic cements.  The award is given for specific achievements in this field.

    Bryant Mather has been an active member of Committee C01 since 1954.  He received the ASTM Award of Merit in 1959, served as Chairman of Committee C01 (1968-1974), as President of ASTM (1975-76), and is an Honorary Member of both Committee C01 and the Society.  This award honors his dedicated service to the development of standards for hydraulic cements.

    Award Criteria:

    The award is given for the following:

    1. A paper making a significant contribution, published by ASTM in a STP or journal that was not the subject of a presentation at an ASTM symposium;
    2. An outstanding effort that results in the adoption of a new standard;
    3. An outstanding effort that results in the adoption of a major revision of an existing standard;
    4. Outstanding efforts or activities that significantly contribute to standards development (i.e. successfully conducting a round-robin testing program);
    5. An exceptional presentation or publication regarding hydraulic cement or ASTM standards in a venue outside ASTM.

    Selection Process:

    An Awards task group consisting of three members of the Executive Subcommittee will select and screen nominees each Spring for the previous year’s activities.  The task group will accept nominations from the C01 membership and the nominations period will end on March 15.   The task group will make an award recommendation to the Executive Subcommittee for consideration at its June meeting.  In years when an award is made, it will be presented at the Committee’s December meeting.  The award will only be given when merited, with a maximum of one per year.

    Award Format:

    A plaque designed for this award will be presented to the recipient(s).  If an award has multiple recipients, each will receive a plaque with the receiving individual’s name appearing first.

    Financing of the Award:

    Funds will be provided from the C01 Activity Fund as supplemented annually by ASTM’s Awards Supplement.

    Search for past recipients through the ASTM International Awards and Recipients Database