Arnold H. Scott Award - Guidelines

    Arnold H. Scott Award

    This is a Surprise Award

    The Arnold H. Scott Award is presented not more frequently than once a year by Committee D09 on Electrical and Electronic Insulating Materials for outstanding achievement in the field of electrical insulation technology in one or more of the following areas: (a) theory of behavior of dielectrics, (b) electrical testing methods, (c quality control and specifications, (d) analysis and standardization, and (e) material development and application. The Award was established to stimulate research, encourage the dissemination of knowledge of dielectrics, and to recognize meritorious effort. The Award, established in 1965, is named in honor of the Chairman of Committee D09 on Electrical Insulating Materials from 1950 to 1956 and 1960 to 1964.

    Rules Governing the Award

    The award shall be administered by an Awards Committee consisting of three members of Committee D09 appointed for three-year staggered terms. An appointment shall be made annually by the Chairman of Committee D09. The senior member shall serve as Chairman Nominations for the Award may be submitted to the Awards Committee by anyone interested. The nominations shall be in writing with supporting evidence. Posthumous nominations will not be considered.

    The Awards Committee shall annually review eligible nominations received during each calendar year. They shall select a recipient for the award or conclude that the award shall not be presented and notify the Chairman of Committee D09 and the Awards Administrator of the Society of their decision by 1 April of each year.

    The Arnold H. Scott Award is given as a Surprise, at all times, therefore, the Awards

    Administrator shall not contact the recipient until after the fact.

    Format of the Award

    The Arnold H. Scott Award shall consist of bronze and walnut plaque, with a blue velvet background and a photo-etched medallion of Mr. Scott.


    The award is financed through contributions from the members of Committee D09.

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