William J. Kroll Zirconium Medal - Guidelines

    William J. Kroll Zirconium Medal Award

    Establishment of the Award

    The William J. Kroll Zirconium Medal has been established to recognize outstanding achievement in the scientific, technological or commercial aspects of zirconium production and utilization, and to encourage future efforts, studies and research. Once regarded as a rare metallurgical curiosity, this exotic metal has been proven to possess exceptional properties that make it suitable for use in nuclear reactors and to possess exceptional resistance to corrosion in most media. The naming of the medal for Dr. W. J. Kroll is most appropriate in that he and his colleagues in the U.S. Bureau of Mines developed the process that could be carried out on a commercial scale so that the one-time laboratory curiosity could become an article of commerce. The concept of the medal was initiated by Wah Chang, a company that produced unusual metals, including zirconium, by the Kroll Process. 

    Selection Process

    The recipients of the medal are selected by a standing international committee charged with recognizing historically unique and significant contributions to zirconium alloy production and technology. The administration of the award had been a function of the W. J. Kroll Institute for Extractive Metallurgy of the Colorado School of Mines which was established by gifts from the late Dr. Kroll. In 1982, the ASTM B10 committee on reactive and refractory metals became co-sponsors of the medal award. In 2003, the Kroll Institute could no longer provide support for this award and the ASTM B10 committee assumed full responsibility for its funding and administration.

    Selection Criteria for Medal:

    - Recognize unique and lasting contributions to the technology of zirconium alloys

    - Contributions by individuals or small teams are favored over broad “area” contributions, but both will be considered

    - Candidates approved by unanimous vote of the committee, or at the option of the Chair with a maximum of one dissenting vote

    - Formal written nominations must be made to the Chair by a Committee member, or from outside of the Committee if seconded by a    Committee member

    - Nominations shall fully describe, to the Chair’s satisfaction, the contributions and achievements of the nominated individual

    - A maximum of one individual or team award will be granted each year.

    Selection Committee

    - Maintain representatives from countries with substantial programs in commercial nuclear fuel

    - Maintain at least one representative from industrial sector/chemical process industries (non-nuclear)

    - Prefer to maintain an odd number of members to avoid voting deadlocks

    - Includes two members who act as liaisons to the ASTM

    - Charged to 

            - recognize historically significant contributions to practical application of zirconium and its alloys

            - document and preserve the history of zirconium technology as seen through the eyes of those involved

            - encourage research and development important to industrial application of zirconium

            - stimulate interest in international cooperation in practical application of zirconium

            - Term is a minimum of six years, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

            - Future or additional members are approved by a simple majority of the Members of the Committee.

            - The Committee should elect its own Chair by simple majority vote whenever a vacancy occurs 

            - The size of the Committee should be maintained at 9 ± 2.

            - The international nature of the Committee should be preserved by limiting North American representation to no more than half

            - The Committee shall strive to choose an award winner for each year, but the actual award frequency should be determined by the quality and number of nominations rather than by a prescribed schedule 

    Award Format

    The award includes a plaque presented to each recipient and a separate medal made of zirconium medal. The medal is mounted in small holder. 

    Publication in the symposium proceedings is encouraged, with manuscripts subjected to the ASTM publication guidelines, including paper length, due date, and approval by peer review. 

    Financial Support

    The cost of the individual plaques will be deducted from the General Fund of Committee B10. The zirconium medals will be donated by ATI Wah Chang. 


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