Advanced Ceramics Award - Guidelines


    Established in 1996, the award is given in recognition for continuous and outstanding contributions of an individual for the work of ASTM Committee C28 on Advanced Ceramics through its various subcommittees, sections, and task groups.

    Rules Governing the Award

    • There shall be no more than two such awards given during any calendar year.
    • Five years of cumulative (not necessarily continuous) membership in Committee C28. The candidate need not currently be an active C28 member.
    • The candidate shall have made significant contributions to the work of one or more subcommittees and need not have been a Committee officer.

    Format of the Award

    The award shall be a walnut plaque, which names the recipient of the award and contains an appropriate citation illustrating the recipient's service.

    Presentation of the award shall be scheduled when deem appropriate by the C28.90 Executive Subcommittee with the advice of the C28.93 Awards Subcommittee.


    C28 is responsible for funding of the award.

    Search for past recipients through the ASTM International Awards and Recipients Database