Frequently Asked Questions About ASTM Membership

    Q. Who can join ASTM?

    A. Anyone who has interest in the field covered by a committee's scope is eligible to become a committee member.

    Q. How long is my ASTM membership active?

    A. ASTM memberships are based on a calendar year. The membership year is January 1 to December 31. Fees are paid in advance and not prorated. Membership will become effective upon payment of fees. Applications received after October 1st will be effective upon payment and valid through December 31st of the following year.

    Q. Are membership fees taxable?

    A. The individual membership fee is $75 and the organizational membership fee is $400. If you live in the state of Texas, United States or in Canada, taxes will apply. The taxability of membership fees is subject to the applicable sales tax rules and regulations of your jurisdiction.

    Q. What are the different types of membership and benefits?

    A. ASTM offers participating, organizational, and informational memberships. ASTM also offers free memberships for students. All the information and benefits can be found at You can also download a Member Benefits Checklist.

    Q. Can I join more than one committee?

    A. Payment of the annual membership fee provides access to multiple committees at no additional cost. However, a separate application must be completed for each main committee since classification is based on the member affiliation and the committee scope.

    Q. Once I've joined ASTM, what is the next step in participating on a technical committee?

    A. After your membership is processed, you will receive your member number along with instructions to access your MyASTM page via email. The fastest way to join and receive your membership information is to join online. If you participate on an ASTM technical committee, the MyASTM page is where you can access committee ballots, meeting minutes, meeting information, agendas, contact information of committee members, and more. You will also receive an ASTM welcome packet in the mail about 2-3 weeks after you join ASTM. Your membership card will be included in this packet.

    In order to learn more about effective participation on ASTM technical committees, visit our member training area at, where you can register for virtual training classes on the following topics:

    Q. What is classification?

    A. According to the ASTM Regulations Governing Technical Committee Operations, on classified committees and subcommittees, members shall be classified according to voting interest. The classification of a member at main committee may be different from the classification at subcommittee level; however, a member classified on any subcommittee as a producer shall be classified as a producer on the main committee. Classifications include Producer, User, Consumer, General Interest. For more information on classification, refer to the ASTM Regulations and your Committee Bylaws.

    Q. What are my responsibilities as a participating member?

    A. Open participation and the consensus process are core values and the principle strengths of standards development in ASTM International. To be successful, the consensus process depends on the ability of members to work together with an attitude of collaboration and collegiality. Each member is expected to participate and contribute in good faith to the standardization activities undertaken by the committee(s) to which they belong.

    There is no obligation to attend face-to-face meetings. You may participate by reviewing and voting on ballots online.

    Q. Who can I contact at ASTM about my membership?

    A. The Member and Committee Services department can be reached at The Staff Manager assigned to each committee may be contacted via each Technical Committee page.