Committee Pages

    Every ASTM International committee has a home page located on the ASTM International website. By selecting a committee of interest from the Committee Listing, you can access the following information:

    Committee Overview and Scope: View a brief outline of the overall activity of the committee as well as the specific body of standardization covered by its scope.

    Committee Officers:The names and corporate affiliations for the main committee officers.

    Meeting Schedules: The complete schedule for the current meeting of the committee is located here. Relevant information includes dates, places, and times for all task group, subcommittee, and main committee meetings.

    Standards by Subcommittee: This link offers a complete listing of all approved standards and their parent subcommittee. The alphanumeric designation, current year date, and complete title for every approved standard is listed and tied to a hyperlink that offers:

    • A document summary of the standard
    • Referenced documents contained within the standard
    • A listing of key words to search for parallel documents
    • Ordering information including price, total # of pages, and multiple delivery option

    As a member of an ASTM International technical committee, you have access to other committee-specific information. From the home page, select the 'logon' link (remember that you will only have access to the members only area for a committee that you've joined) and follow the prompt that will appear on your screen. You will be asked to enter your user ID (you can use your ASTM International member number or your email address) and a password.

    Successful entry into the member area will give you access to:

    1. The minutes from the last two meetings of the particular committee,
    2. Roster/Contact information for the membership of the committee, and
    3. All electronic ballots currently open for the committee

    Minutes: Select the Minutes link, scroll to the committee meeting that interests you, and click on the date of the meeting that you'd like to see. The links provide meeting minutes in either a PDF or EXE format. To read these, you will need Adobe

    Acrobat Reader (which is available on the site). To know whether or not a file is PDF or EXE, simply brush your mouse over the link and the file name will appear at the base of your browser window.

    Roster/Contact Information: The Roster link provides complete contact information for every member of the selected committee or subcommittee. Individuals may update their own contact information on the site by selecting the "Update Your Account: Click Here" link

    IMPORTANT: The roster information is provided for you to communicate with other members regarding ASTM International activities and to facilitate corrections to your current records. No other use of this information for personal or business reasons is authorized."

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