As an ASTM International member, you understand the value of ASTM standards and perhaps, more importantly, the value of having the opportunity to provide input and participate in the development of these standards. Your expertise is what makes ASTM standards so credible and well respected. Involving other experts of the same caliber will only enhance the value of ASTM standards.

    We encourage you to invite your colleagues to join the ASTM process using the "Invitation to a Colleague" feature below. ASTM has provided this email feature so that our current members can invite other industry professionals to join. An ASTM technical committee can also use this feature as a method of membership promotion in order to gain more interest in a new activity.

    To access "Invitation to a Colleague," please click here or on the link below. An email message will appear and you will have the opportunity to tailor it by adding your own comments. When your colleague receives the email, it will be personalized and addressed from you.

    Invitation to a Colleague