Effective Participation

    Effective participation in the work of the committee is why you join an ASTM International technical committee. In order to effectively participate we recommend the following:

    Join the Subcommittees You Are Interested In

    The subcommittees in each main committee are the backbone of the standards development process. The bulk of the standards development work is carried out by the subcommittee, either through the subcommittee as a whole or by forming task groups within the subcommittee to accomplish specific projects. We suggest you review the list of subcommittees within the main committee to determine those of interest to you. Please remember to limit your selection to only those subcommittees in which you have a particular interest (as a main committee member you will have the opportunity to vote on all standards actions). Join a subcommittee by contacting your staff manager. Contact information for all staff managers is listed under the title of the committee's web page. To review a list of all the current main committees in ASTM International and the subcommittees associated with each, please Click Here.

    Attend the Committee/Subcommittee Meetings

    Each main committee usually meets twice per year at six-month intervals. A copy of the meeting schedule can be found under the Meetings Schedule link on the main committee web page. In order to get up to speed quickly, you may want to review the minutes from the most recent meetings. Meeting minutes can be accessed via the ASTM International website (Please review the Committee Web Page for additional information on minutes, rosters, and other items you will find on your Committee's web page). Feel free to introduce yourself to the subcommittee chairman before or after the meeting to indicate that you are a new member and that you are attending for the first time. During the meeting don't be afraid to ask questions - you'll find that many committee members are helpful and insightful.

    Subcommittee meetings are usually a combination of one or more of the following topics:

    • discussion of the need for a new standard
    • discussion of potential revision(s) to existing standards
    • discussion of comments or negatives received during balloting
    • discussion of interlaboratory test program results
    • results of task group activity
    • drafting/writing the sections of an actual document

    The technical discussion and debate that takes place during a meeting is critical to the ASTM International standards development process and will heighten your understanding of the issues on the table, provide a forum for your voice to be heard, and help establish relationships with colleagues (as well as competitors) throughout your industry.

    Voice Your Opinions Through the Balloting Process

    Participating through the balloting process is the most critical component of standards development. Each member is given the opportunity to share his/her expertise with those on the committee/subcommittee. Ballots, whether main committee or subcommittee, are distributed either by postal mail or email. Voting guidelines are included with every ballot to provide information regarding the different ways to cast a vote. Submitting a vote is your opportunity to review the standard(s) and suggest changes to the current document. Through the balloting process the document is molded into a technically sound, market relevant standard that is capable of serving your needs as well as the needs of your company. Please return your ballot by mail, fax or online by the closing.

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