F37 Light Sport Aircraft
    Title: Forum Series for Electric Propulsion of Aircraft
    Dates: Thursday April 25 2013
    Location: AERO Exhibition, Conference Center West; Friedrichshafen, DE
    Event Name: Aviation Committee Week 2013

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    A Forum Series for Electric Propulsion of Aircraft will be held Tuesday, April 25, 2013, 8:00AM - 5:30 PM. Sponsored by ASTM Committee F37 on Light Sport Aircraft, the workshop will be held at the AERO Exhibition in Friedrichshafen Germany.

    The objective of the forum is to bring the electric aircraft industry together - (a) regulators, (b) researchers, and (c) manufacturers/designers - to lay a path for structured, regulatory acceptance of electrically propelled aircraft. With key members of the industry collected, the forum will define the next steps to be taken in generating meaningful requirements to promulgate safety of the new systems, while facilitating their implementation in a broad range, to propel technology and product development towards useful electric flight.

    Proposed Outcome:
    The goal is to end the forum with clearer perspectives on:

      (a)Technology and product developments achieved since the last forum
      (b)Identification of product ranges where implementation of electric flight on a broader range is expected to happen most early
      (c)Identification of gaps in the current product and technology certification basis
      (d)Joint understanding of the priorities and logical sequence for the development of a meaningflul certification basis
      (e)Joint understanding of the committees the be asked to commence with the development of a maningful certification basis
      (f)Path forward and anticipated schedule

    The first forum held in Spring 2012 in Lakeland / Florida provided an excellent overview on present activities concerning electric flight, ranging from small and very light aircraft, through rotorcraft, unmanned and autonomous vehicles and General Aviation and up to Large Commercial Aviation. Electric flight was discovered not only as electric generation of propulsion, but also running of electric systems. The research side of the forum unveiled that development of electric flight does stop with developing drop-in-replacement systems, but opens the door for completely revised and significantly optimized air vehicle concepts. For many of the related challenges there are no standard available, which makes it difficult for regulators to routinely certify them. Considering the highly cross-linked world-wide aviation business and markets, it is in the utmost interest of everyone involved to start the age of this new technology with a harmonized basis.

    Looking at what is achieved in Light-Sport Aircraft regulation and considering what is about to happen with the restructuration of the certification basis for Part 23 General Aviation aircraft, the path anticipated at the last forum, to initiate Industry Standardization activity becomes more and more compelling. With today’s available setup of Standardization committees F37 Light-Sport Aircraft, F38 Unmanned Vehicles, F39 Aircraft Systems and F44 General Aviation, the family of committees that is hosting the second forum presents a natural, readily installed and powerful platform to support the activities.

    Using the portfolio of real-world from industry doing meaningful first steps towards electric flight, a proper identification of standardization needs with the correct priority attached will significantly help the industry to take off in an efficient way, with adequate resources needs and in a very reasonable timeframe.


    Online registration is currently open. The fees to attend this workshop are listed below. These fees include:

      -One day ticket to the AERO Exhibition

    All attendees, including presenters and ASTM members, are urged to register online for this event so that space requirements can be accommodated. If you do not register online by the closing date, then you must register upon arrival at the workshop. All attendees must check in at the ASTM registration desk upon arrival at workshop.


    A refund of the workshop fee will be honored only if requested at least 7 business days prior to the workshop. To cancel your registration and request a refund, please contact Hannah Sparks at or 610-832-9678.

    If you have questions concerning online registration, please contact Hannah Sparks in Symposia Operations at, Tel: 610-832-9677, or ASTM Technical Support at or 1-800-262-1373 (domestic) or 610-832-9578 (international).



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    Additional information about the workshop is available from Workshop Chairman Oliver Reinhardt, Flight Design Gmbh, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany, E-mail


    It is strongly suggested to make your hotel reservations as soon as possible. The AERO show typically sells out the hotels in Friedrichshafen months in advance. You can either go through the AERO show hotel reservations services or visit another hotel reservations website to make your reservations. Staying outside of town and driving to the Messe Friedrichshafen is also a feasible option.


    The AERO 2013 website very thoroughly details many different ways to arrive into town and at the Messe Friedrichshafen. To view these options please visit:


    Meeting schedules of Committee F37 are posted on the ASTM web site at or contact the ASTM staff manager, Christine DeJong at or tel: 610 -832-9736.


    Committee F37 invites you to attend their future standards development meetings. There is no fee to attend these meetings, and membership in ASTM International is not required. For more information, visit the web page listed immediately above, and click on "Future Meetings".

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