General Aviation Aircraft Line Schedule

    Meeting Of Committee F44

    Wednesday May 07 2014 - Friday May 09 2014

    Sheraton Centre Toronto (DO NOT USE), Toronto, ON

    Meeting Day Start - Stop TimesRoom
    F44 Attendes are invited to an ASTM Workshop on Introduction to the Interlaboratory Study Program Wednesday 08:00AM - 09:00AMBirchwood Ballroom
    F44 Main Committee Opening Wednesday 08:15AM - 10:00AMDominion Ballroom North
    F44 Attendees are invited to an ASTM Corporate Licensing, Bring ASTM Content to your Organization Wednesday 12:00PM - 01:00PMSheraton Hall C
    F44 Attendees are invited to an ASTM Training Session on Developing and Revising an ASTM Standard Wednesday 12:00PM - 01:00PMProvincial North
    F44 Main Closing Friday 10:45AM - 12:30PMBirchwood Ballroom
    F441000 General-Task Groups Wednesday 08:45AM - 10:00AMDominion Ballroom North
    F441000 Crew Interface Wednesday 10:15AM - 12:00PMDominion Ballroom North
    F441000 Icing Protection Wednesday 01:00PM - 02:45PMDominion Ballroom North
    F442000 Flight Task Groups Wednesday 01:00PM - 05:00PMPine West
    F442000 Flight Task Groups Thursday 08:15AM - 05:00PMKenora
    F443000 Structures Task Group Wednesday 03:00PM - 05:00PMDominion Ballroom North
    F443000 Structures Task Groups Thursday 08:15AM - 05:00PMWentworth
    F444000 Powerplant Task Groups Wednesday 01:00PM - 05:00PMKenora
    F444000 Powerplant Task Groups Thursday 08:15AM - 05:00PMElgin
    F445000 Systems and Equipment Task Groups Wednesday 01:00PM - 05:00PMElgin
    F445000 Systems and Equipment Task Groups Thursday 08:15AM - 05:00PMSimcoe
    F449100 Terminology Subcommittee Friday 08:15AM - 09:45AMBirchwood Ballroom
    F449200 Regulatory Liaisons Subcommittee Friday 10:00AM - 10:45AMPine East
    F449300 Industry Liaison Subcommittee Friday 10:00AM - 10:45AMBirchwood Ballroom