Hazardous Substances and Oil Spill Response Line Schedule

    Meeting Of Committee F20

    Tuesday April 01 2014 - Wednesday April 02 2014

    Tesoro Corporation, San Antonio, TX

    Meeting Day Start - Stop Times
    F20 Hazardous Substances and Oil Spill Response (Steve Potter) Wednesday 11:30AM - 12:00PM
    F201100 Boom (Steve Potter) Tuesday 08:00AM - 10:00AM
    F201200 Skimmers (Paul Smith) Tuesday 10:00AM - 12:00PM
    F201300 Treating Agents (Merv Fingas) Tuesday 01:00PM - 03:00PM
    F201500 In-Situ Burning (Merv Fingas) Tuesday 03:00PM - 04:00PM
    F201600 Surveillance and Tracking (Merv Fingas) Wednesday 08:30AM - 09:30AM
    F201700 Shoreline Countermeasures (Alexis Steen) Wednesday 09:30AM - 10:30AM
    F202100 Initial Response (David Cooper) Wednesday 10:30AM - 11:00AM
    F202200 Mitigation (David Cooper) Wednesday 11:00AM - 11:30AM
    F209000 Executive (Steve Potter) Tuesday 04:00PM - 05:00PM