Meeting Of Committee F18
Sunday October 21 2012 - Wednesday October 24 2012
Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

MeetingDayStart - Stop TimesRoom
F18 Main Committee Opening Meeting 8-9 Ernie Pauliny Monday 08:00AM - 09:00AMInternational Ballroom South
F18 Main Committee Closing Meeting (Subcomittee/Main Closing Meetings will run consecutively) for F18.55, 65, 93, 5-6 Ernie Pauliny Monday 05:00PM - 06:00PMInternational Ballroom South
F18 Social Site TBD Ernie Pauliny Monday 06:00PM - 07:00PMNo ASTM Planning
F18 Attendees are invited to an ASTM Training Session on ASTM Online Tuesday 12:00PM - 01:00PMRegency Ballroom V
F18 Main Committee Closing (Subcommittee/Main Closing Meeting will run consecutively begining when F18.45 concludes)15, 25, 35, 45, 60 12-1 Ernie Pauliny Wednesday 12:00PM - 01:00PMPiedmont
F18 Attendees are invited to an ASTM Training Session on Developing and Revising an ASTM Standard Wednesday 12:00PM - 01:00PMRegency Ballroom V
F181500 07 Personal Climbing Equipment-TG 1:00 - 2:00 Andy Batty Tuesday 01:00PM - 02:00PMTechwood
F181500 Worker Personal Equipment 8-9 Doug Lovette (subcommittee meeting will run consecutively) Wednesday 08:00AM - 09:00AMPiedmont
F182500 07 D1048 Negatives -TG 10-11 Harry Pepe Tuesday 10:00AM - 11:00AMPiedmont
F182500 08 Patching Rubber Goods-TG 11-12 Steve Mayfield Tuesday 11:00AM - 12:00PMPiedmont
F182500 Subcommittee on Insulating Cover-Up Equipment 9-10 Vladimir Ostrovsky (subcommittee meeting will begin when F18.15 concludes) Wednesday 09:00AM - 10:00AMPiedmont
F183500 37 In-Service Testing of Hotsticks-TG 8- 9 Mike Harbaugh Tuesday 08:00AM - 09:00AMPiedmont
F183500 39 Test Specifications for Phasing Tools-TG 10-11 Mike Cotner Tuesday 09:00AM - 10:00AMPiedmont
F183500 .41 Meter Pulling w/Shields-TG 1-3 Nestor Kolcio Tuesday 01:00PM - 03:00PMPiedmont
F183500 42 Insulated Platform Board F1564-TG 3-4 Mark Green Tuesday 03:00PM - 04:00PMPiedmont
F183500 43 Insulated Hand Tools-TG 4-5:30 Russ Goldmann Tuesday 04:00PM - 05:30PMPiedmont
F183500 Subcommittee Tools & Equipment 10-11 John Malloy (subcommittee meeting will begin when F18.25 concludes) Wednesday 10:00AM - 11:00AMPiedmont
F184500 21 F855-TG 2-5 Clay King Tuesday 02:00PM - 05:00PMTechwood
F184500 Subcommittee on Mechanical Apparatus 11-12 Clay King (subcommittee meeting will begin when F18.35 concludes) Wednesday 11:00AM - 12:00PMPiedmont
F185500 SC on Insp. and Non-Destructive Test Methods for Aerial Devices 1-5 Bill Veal Monday 01:00PM - 05:00PMLenox
F186000 01 F1236-TG 9-11 Jeff Russo Tuesday 09:00AM - 11:00AMTechwood
F186000 Subcommittee on Terminology 11-12 Ed Moore Tuesday 11:00AM - 12:00PMTechwood
F186500 .27 Definition-TG 3-4 Heidi Sweeney Sunday 03:00PM - 04:00PMHanover E
F186500 23 F1506-TG 4-5 Randy Wade Sunday 04:00PM - 05:00PMHanover E
F186500 .26 Plasma Test -TG 11-12 Marcia Eblen Monday 11:00AM - 12:00PMInternational Ballroom South
F186500 24 F1959-TG 1-2 Bill Baitinger Monday 01:00PM - 02:00PMInternational Ballroom South
F186500 Subcommittee on Wearing Apparel 2-5 Hocine Krizou Monday 02:00PM - 05:00PMInternational Ballroom South
F189000 Executive Committee 5-8 Ernie Pauliny Sunday 05:00PM - 08:00PMHanover E
F189000 Executive Committee Round Table-wrap up 1-2 Ernie Pauliny Wednesday 01:00PM - 02:00PMPiedmont
F189300 NFPA 70 E Update 9-9:15 Marcia Eblen Monday 09:00AM - 09:15AMInternational Ballroom South
F189300 OSHA Update 9:15-9:30 Nestor Kolcio Monday 09:15AM - 09:30AMInternational Ballroom South
F189300 .01 NFPA-TG 9:30-10:00 Nestor Kolcio & Marcia Eblen Monday 09:30AM - 10:00AMInternational Ballroom South
F189300 Subcommittee on National/International Standards Activities 10-11 Nestor Kolcio Monday 10:00AM - 11:00AMInternational Ballroom South
F189400 Subcommittee on Long Range Planning 8:30-9:00 Doug Lovette Tuesday 08:30AM - 09:00AMTechwood

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