April 2014 Committee Week

    April 06-11, 2014

    Sheraton Centre Toronto (DO NOT USE)

    Toronto, ON


    Pre-register for Committee(s) Meeting(s) - There is no fee to attend an ASTM Meeting but one must register (note that this does not register you at the hotel).
    • Pre-registration on the ASTM website expedites the on-site registration process by allowing you to proceed to the pre-registration desk on-site
    • Pay for committee activity fees and/or food events online
    • If you cannot pre-register prior to the meeting, on-site registration is available

    Register for Symposium/Workshop
    Review the prior meeting minutes for current committee activities
    Review Ballot Closing Reports, especially those in which you have a particular interest
    Review posted meeting agendas
    Download Material in Preparation for the Meeting
    • My Schedule (Customize your schedule in an Excel file, highlighting meetings you would like to attend, can be used for multiple committees)
    • MyMeetingsMaterial (Compile a ZIP File of your agendas, minutes, ballot items, closing reports and schedules

    Review Online Training Modules offered prior to the meeting, these can be found on the ASTM Website at this link - Member Training
    • Plan to attend Committee Week Training Modules conducted by ASTM Staff on Tuesday and Wednesday
    • Check with your committee's leadership for committee specific training offered during the meeting

    If you need copies made for your meeting or AV support, contact your Staff Manager three weeks prior to the meeting
    Invite a colleague to attend the meeting
    Contact your Staff Manager with any questions you may have.


    (610) 832-
    B01 on Electrical Conductors (09-10)Karen Murphy(0231)
    B05 on Copper and Copper Alloys (07-09)Jennifer Rodgers(9694)
    C16 on Thermal Insulation (06-09)Mary Mikolajewski(9678)
    C18 on Dimension Stone (06-08)David Lee(9681)
    D07 on Wood (09-10)Krista Robbins(9689)
    D09 on Electrical and Electronic Insulating Materials (10-11)Katerina Koperna(9728)
    D10.25.00 on Palletizing and Unitizing of Loads (09)Jimmy Farrell(9661)
    D14 on Adhesives (06-08)Joseph Hugo(9740)
    D20 on Plastics (06-09)Alyson Fick(9710)
    D22 on Air Quality (06-09)Ashley Wiand(9551)
    D28 on Activated Carbon (07)Kelly Paul(9745)
    E06 on Performance of Buildings (06-09)Stephen Mawn(9726)
    E18 on Sensory Evaluation (07-10)W Scott Orthey(9730)
    E33 on Building and Environmental Acoustics (07-08)Kelly Paul(9745)
    E35 on Pesticides, Antimicrobials, and Alternative Control Methods (07-09)Brian Milewski(9619)
    E50 on Environmental Assessment, Risk Management and Corrective Action (07-10)Kathleen Chalfin(9717)
    E60 on Sustainability (06-10)Travis Murdock(9826)
    F10 on Livestock, Meat, and Poultry Evaluation Systems (10)Kelly Paul(9745)
    F12 on Security Systems and Equipment (07-08)Joseph Hugo(9740)
    F17 on Plastic Piping Systems (07-09)Robert Morgan(9732)
    F18 on Electrical Protective Equipment for Workers (06-09)Ashley Wiand(9551)
    F26 on Food Service Equipment (08-09)Kristy Straiton(9640)
    G04 on Compatibility and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen Enriched Atmospheres (08-10)Kristy Straiton(9640)
    • B01 on Electrical Conductors
      Dates: (09-10)
      Staff Manager: Karen Murphy
      Phone: (610) 832-0231
    • B05 on Copper and Copper Alloys
      Dates: (07-09)
      Staff Manager: Jennifer Rodgers
      Phone: (610) 832-9694
    • C16 on Thermal Insulation
      Dates: (06-09)
      Staff Manager: Mary Mikolajewski
      Phone: (610) 832-9678
    • C18 on Dimension Stone
      Dates: (06-08)
      Staff Manager: David Lee
      Phone: (610) 832-9681
    • D07 on Wood
      Dates: (09-10)
      Staff Manager: Krista Robbins
      Phone: (610) 832-9689
    • D09 on Electrical and Electronic Insulating Materials
      Dates: (10-11)
      Staff Manager: Katerina Koperna
      Phone: (610) 832-9728
    • D10.25.00 on Palletizing and Unitizing of Loads
      Dates: (09)
      Staff Manager: Jimmy Farrell
      Phone: (610) 832-9661
    • D14 on Adhesives
      Dates: (06-08)
      Staff Manager: Joseph Hugo
      Phone: (610) 832-9740
    • D20 on Plastics
      Dates: (06-09)
      Staff Manager: Alyson Fick
      Phone: (610) 832-9710
    • D22 on Air Quality
      Dates: (06-09)
      Staff Manager: Ashley Wiand
      Phone: (610) 832-9551
    • D28 on Activated Carbon
      Dates: (07)
      Staff Manager: Kelly Paul
      Phone: (610) 832-9745
    • E06 on Performance of Buildings
      Dates: (06-09)
      Staff Manager: Stephen Mawn
      Phone: (610) 832-9726
    • E18 on Sensory Evaluation
      Dates: (07-10)
      Staff Manager: W Scott Orthey
      Phone: (610) 832-9730
    • E21 on Space Simulation and Applications of Space Technology
      Dates: (10)
      Staff Manager: Mary Mikolajewski
      Phone: (610) 832-9678
    • E33 on Building and Environmental Acoustics
      Dates: (07-08)
      Staff Manager: Kelly Paul
      Phone: (610) 832-9745
    • E35 on Pesticides, Antimicrobials, and Alternative Control Methods
      Dates: (07-09)
      Staff Manager: Brian Milewski
      Phone: (610) 832-9619
    • E50 on Environmental Assessment, Risk Management and Corrective Action
      Dates: (07-10)
      Staff Manager: Kathleen Chalfin
      Phone: (610) 832-9717
    • E60 on Sustainability
      Dates: (06-10)
      Staff Manager: Travis Murdock
      Phone: (610) 832-9826
    • F10 on Livestock, Meat, and Poultry Evaluation Systems
      Dates: (10)
      Staff Manager: Kelly Paul
      Phone: (610) 832-9745
    • F12 on Security Systems and Equipment
      Dates: (07-08)
      Staff Manager: Joseph Hugo
      Phone: (610) 832-9740
    • F17 on Plastic Piping Systems
      Dates: (07-09)
      Staff Manager: Robert Morgan
      Phone: (610) 832-9732
    • F18 on Electrical Protective Equipment for Workers
      Dates: (06-09)
      Staff Manager: Ashley Wiand
      Phone: (610) 832-9551
    • F26 on Food Service Equipment
      Dates: (08-09)
      Staff Manager: Kristy Straiton
      Phone: (610) 832-9640
    • G04 on Compatibility and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen Enriched Atmospheres
      Dates: (08-10)
      Staff Manager: Kristy Straiton
      Phone: (610) 832-9640


    To access the symposia/workshops/seminar objectives, registration fee information, and online registration, click on the title of the event below. You may also register online to attend a symposium or workshop at the "Register" link above.

    ASTM/NIBS Workshop on Building Science Education in North America (Sunday) (Sponsored by Committee E06)

    Workshop on Advancements in VOC Diffusive Air Sampling for Indoor Air and Workplace Enviroments (Monday) (Sponsored by Committee D22)

    Sensory Quality Workshop (Wednesday) (Sponsored by Committee E18)

    Workshop on Estimating LNAPL Transmissivity (Thursday) (Sponsored by Committee E50)

    If you have questions regarding only the symposium/workshop registration, contact the ASTM Symposia Operations Department at 610-832-9677.


    ASTM staff will provide several training sessions on various subjects to educate and assist officers, members and non-members of ASTM committees. The following topics will be discussed:

    • How to be an Effective Committee Member (Tuesday) 12:00pm - 1:00pm

      This session will discuss how to be an effective ASTM Committee Member. The key to being an effective member is knowledge and participation. This module will discuss how to find the knowledge you need and how to optimize your participation through the balloting process, writing a negative vote, navigating the ASTM website, preparing for a meeting, and identifying leadership and mentoring opportunities within the ASTM Committee Structure. Additionally, we will discuss the ASTM resources available to members as well as how ASTM Staff can assist.

    • Developing and Revising an ASTM Standard (Wednesday) 12:00pm - 1:00pm

      During this joint Technical Committee Operations and Editorial module, we will review both new and revised standards as they go through the development and publication process. We will cover how standard ideas are introduced, drafted, and publicized as well as review ASTM's electronic tools and time-tested techniques for accelerating the development of your standard. Included in the workshop will be a brief review of work items registration, the three stages of balloting, and an explanation of the key roles of your editor and the standard's technical contact.

    Refreshments will be available at all sessions.


    You must be registered to attend ASTM Meetings. Use our online registration form where you have the ability to register for multiple events, pay fees in advance using a credit card, and receive an electronic confirmation. You may register online at the "Register" link above.

    When you preregister online, you will receive emails on committee meetings, final announcements, and other information that will help you prepare for your meeting. The registration information significantly assists us in preparations for the committee week.

    The cut-off for preregistration is Wednesday, April 2, 2014. After this date, please register on-site at the ASTM Registration Desk at the Sheraton Centre Toronto.


    All meetings will be held at the Sheraton Centre Toronto, 123 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5H 2M9. Reservations may be made via our reservation link Reservation at the Sheraton Centre Toronto.

    Select your dates and proceed as instructed. Reservations may also be made by telephoning the Sheraton Centre at 1-800-325-3535 (you must mention ASTM in order to receive the group rate).

    Group rate will be honored until the ASTM block is full, but no later than March 7, 2014. ASTM rates are $165 single/double plus 13% tax. You may be charged a higher rate if reservations are received after the cut-off date, or when the block is full.

    IMPORTANT! ASTM Rates are non-commissionable. If you book your reservation through a travel agent they must ask for a non-commissioned ASTM Group Rate. ASTM cannot adjust your higher rate if commissions were paid to a travel agency.

    ADVANCE DEPOSIT: The Sheraton Centre requires a credit card to guarantee your reservation.

    CONFIRMATION NOTICES: A confirmation number is provided to you electronically once your reservation has been submitted.

    CANCELLATION/CHANGE POLICY: At the Sheraton Centre, notice of cancellation must be received 24 hours prior to arrival date.

    Check the ASTM website for updates on overflow hotel room availability.

    INTERNET: The Sheraton Centre has high speed internet access in guest rooms at $14.95 per day. The hotel offers free wireless internet service in the hotel lobby.

    ASTM MEMBERS WORK AREA: ASTM is providing computers with an internet connection. This area will also be wireless for your laptop computer. You may visit the ASTM website, apply or renew your membership, order publications or check your email. The complimentary wireless service is limited to the members' work area only. The meeting rooms throughout the hotel will not have internet connections.


    The Sheraton Centre is located approximately 17 miles from the Pearson International Airport. The hotel's phone number is 416-361-1000 and the general fax number is 416-947-4854. The website for the hotel is Sheraton Centre Toronto Information.

    For information on the city of Toronto, visit the Toronto Convention and Visitors Bureau website at: Toronto Convention and Visitors Bureau.

    AIRPORT SHUTTLE SERVICE: Airport Express Shuttle is available at the baggage claim terminal. The shuttle runs every 30 minutes at a cost of $23.95 one way and $40.00 round trip. Taxis cost approximately $58.

    PARKING: Valet parking is $48.00 per night and self parking is $15.00 (day rate at city hall).


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    Join us for coffee and breakfast pastries Monday through Wednesday from 8:30am to 9:30am at the Sheraton Centre. A representative from the Toronto Convention and Visitors Bureau will be on hand with information on what to see and do in Toronto. For city information and brochures, contact the Toronto Convention and Visitor Bureau at: Toronto Convention and Visitors Bureau.


    Committee Week Meetings offer on-site services from the ASTM staff. We provide photocopying service, audio/visual equipment, and a members' work area with complimentary internet computers. We also have an editor on-site to assist you with the form and style of standards, editorial changes and first drafts of standards.

    CERTIFICATES OF ATTENDANCE - Certificates of Attendance are available to all attendees. You can retrieve a copy on-line and there are copies at the ASTM registration desk. Please take this completed document to the ASTM registration desk for a Stamp of Approval.


    Attendees have the option to determine their dress at ASTM meetings. Business casual attire is acceptable at this meeting and appropriate for Toronto. Meeting rooms are often cool and attendees are advised to dress in layers. For weather information, visit Weather Information


    Join your elected officers and staff for a continental breakfast on Wednesday at 7:00am sharp at the Sheraton Centre. At this breakfast, you will hear an update on ASTM and have an opportunity to ask questions or share your comments. You may pick up your ticket at the ASTM registration desk.


    Several ASTM committees collect a voluntary fee to support activities associated within the committee such as awards, social events, etc. Each committee determines the amount, encourages your contribution, and can be paid online in advance on the preregistration page. This voluntary contribution is not an ASTM International society fee.


    Please purchase your tickets online in advance if you plan to attend any events. Your tickets will be available at the registration desk.

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