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    The F44 technical committee meetings will begin with a workshop to highlight the positive impact of the general aviation regulatory reform in Europe. The workshop will take place in the morning of Tuesday 16 September with an agenda as follows. See the links above for the full F44 meeting schedule.

    Over the last several years there has been a growing recognition in Europe that general aviation (GA) is over regulated and that the creation of regulations that properly address GA can increase the health and vitality of this important industry. From the European Commission (EC) to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) there are significant efforts underway to improve the way that GA is regulated in Europe.

    Special guests from the EC, EASA and the GA community will provide perspectives on the quickly developing changes that are intended to make Europe increasingly more suitable for general aviation. Topics of discussion will include potential changes to the basic regulations in Europe to changes in the requirements for design certification, maintenance, operations and licensing which are intended to benefit the GA community.

    Full Agenda:
    - 08.30 – 09.15 Registration & Coffee
    - 09.15 – 09.25 Welcome Address – Filip Cornelis, Head of Unit, Air Safety, European Commission
    - 09.25 – 09.55 EASA General Aviation Roadmap - Yves Morier, Head of GA Unit, EASA
    - 09:55 – 10.30 Reorganisation of Small Airplane Design Requirements (CS-23)
    - 10.30 – 10.50 Coffee
    - 10.50 – 12.15 Panel Discussion – "Utilising the New CS-23" (with representatives from Flight Design, Tecnam & Diamond; moderated by Ian Seager, Flyer Magazine UK)
    - 12.15 Adjourn for Standing Lunch (Provided)


    General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA)
    Rue de la Science 14B
    Brussels, Belgium, 1040, BE

    The following hotels are nearby the GAMA office. There is not a room block for this meeting.
    Thon Hotel EU: www.thonhotels.com
    Leopold Brussels Hotel EU: www.hotel-leopold.be
    Renaissance Brussels Hotel: www.renaissancebrussels.com
    Radisson Blu EU Hotel Brussels: www.radissonblu.com/


    Travel Options:
    NOTE: You may find your own travel preferences however here are some resources. Please also do due diligence to determine your best route for arrival. Your hotel should have reliable information to arrive best at their hotel. Do not forget your Passport!

    Taxi from BRU airport to Brussels City: Taxis with a taximeter are permanently available in front of the arrivals hall. The fare from the airport to the city center of Brussels is normally around € 45. Licensed taxis can be recognized by the blue and yellow emblem. Travelers are advised to avoid unlicensed taxis!

    Train travel options from other European locations are numerous. There are a few main stations in Brussels – Brussels Nord “Gare du Nord/Noordstation,” Brussels Centrale “Gare Centrale/Brussel Centraal,” and Brussels Midi “Gare du Midi or Zuidstation.” For the meeting, the closest option would be to travel to Gare du Nord.

    From BRU Airport to Brussels City: www.brusselsairport.be/en/passngr/to_from_brussels_airport/train
    *Depending on where you plan to stay, you may want to take the train to Gare du Nord / Noordstation and then change to the metro to get to your next location. Check with your hotel directly to get specifics on the best metro stop for your travels.

    Here is a link to information on the Brussels metro, including a map: www.brussels.be/artdet.cfm/4353/Metro-streetcar-and-bus-in-Brussels.
    Check the map in station as well when traveling in case of changes or station closings.

    GAMA office Metro Stop: There are few metro stops close to the GAMA offices – (1) Trone/Troon; (2) Arts-loi / Kunst-wet; (3) Maelbeek.
    *Coming directly to the meeting from the airport try train to Gare du Nord and then either:
    (1) Take #3 towards Churchill or #4 towards Stalle, transfer at Rogier to the #2 towards Simonis or #6 towards Koning Boudewijn to the Trone stop.
    (2 or 3) Take the #4 towards Stalle, transfer at De Brouckere to the #1 towards Stockel or #5 towards Hermann-Debroux. On either of those lines you can get to metro stops Arts-loi / Kunst-wet; and Maelbeek.
    ***To go either of these routes please see the PDF of the MetroMap with Routes for visuals. It includes an image to determine how you would like to walk from the stop to the GAMA office. The PDF is located here: http://www.astm.org/MEETINGS/images/metromap-brussels.pdf


    The primary airport is Brussels Airport (BRU). All options can be found here: www.brussels.be/artdet.cfm/5792#a_1


    There is a voluntary $20 "Committee Activity" fee, as well as a voluntary $50 "Sponsor the Meeting" fee that can be paid during your online registration.


    Any questions should be directed to:

    Staff Manager:Christine DeJong
    Phone: 610-832-9736
    Email: cdejong@astm.org
    Administrative Assistant:Jill DiCicco
    Phone: 610-832-9734
    Email: jdicicco@astm.org

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