Staff managers will be contacting committee leaders to plan alternatives for conducting committee business. For any committees that collected money for events, ASTM will work to issue refunds as necessary. Attendees are responsible for canceling hotel reservations. If you are staying at the Boston Marriott Copley Hotel, you will receive an email from them to facilitate canceling your reservation. If you are staying at another hotel, you must contact them directly to cancel.

    Security Systems and Equipment Line Schedule

    Meeting Of Committee F12

    Monday April 11 2016 - Tuesday April 12 2016

    Grand Hyatt San Antonio, San Antonio, TX

    Meeting Day Start - Stop TimesRoom
    F12 New Member Orientation NOT MEETING
    F12 Attendees are Invited to ASTM Training Session on International Member Orientation Training Module Monday 07:00AM - 08:00AMPresidio C
    F12 Attendees are Invited to an ASTM Training Session on Introduction to the Interlaboratory Study Program Monday 12:00PM - 01:00PMBonham E
    F12 Attendees are Invited to an ASTM Panel: Year of the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) Tuesday 12:00PM - 01:00PMLone Star Salon E
    F12 ASTM Attendees are invited to a Training Session on Writing, Handling, and Resolving Negative Votes Tuesday 12:00PM - 01:00PMTexas Salon C
    F12 Security Systems and Equipment Tuesday 01:00PM - 02:00PMTravis A
    F121000 .08 Boat Barrier Systems NOT MEETING
    F121000 .09 EMI Transmittance and Shielding Rating for Glazing Infill Monday 11:00AM - 12:00PMRepublic B
    F121000 .03 TG on Test Methods for Security Glazing Monday 01:00PM - 02:30PMRepublic B
    F121000 .05 TG on Blast Resistance Monday 02:30PM - 04:30PMRepublic B
    F121000 .04 TG on Threat Resistance of Buildings Monday 04:30PM - 05:30PMRepublic B
    F121000 .06 TG on Barrier and Sitework Systems Tuesday 08:30AM - 10:00AMTravis A
    F121000 .12 F3016 Low Speed Barriers Tuesday 10:00AM - 11:00AMTravis A
    F121000 Systems Products Services Tuesday 11:00AM - 12:00PMTravis A
    F125000 Locking Devices NOT MEETING
    F125000 .10 TG on F883 NOT MEETING
    F125000 02 Subcommittee Goals Setting NOT MEETING
    F125000 .20 Task Group on F476 NOT MEETING
    F126000 F792; Hand-Held; Hand Worn Metal Detectors Tuesday 09:00AM - 11:00AMRoom 948, 9th Floor
    F129000 Executive Monday 05:30PM - 06:00PMRepublic B