E540900 Response Robots

    Approximately two weeks prior to the meeting, meeting room names will be added to the schedule.


    E54.09 Schedule:https://www.astm.org/MEETINGS/images/E5409DetailedSchedule.pdf


    Virginia Beach Fire Training Center
    FEMA US&R VA-TF2 Special Operations Training Facility
    927 S Birdneck Rd
    Virginia Beach, VA 23451


    Suggested Hotel:

    Hilton Garden Inn Virginia Beach Oceanfront
    3315 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451



    The objective of this meeting of the ASTM International Standards Committee on Homeland Security Applications, Sub-Committee on Response Robots (E54.09) is to provide an update on each working group’s effort with an emphasis on getting the existing test methods to ballot. Draft standards and prototype apparatus designs will be reviewed and exercised by more than 20 robots and operators provided by manufacturers and others. Topics will include recent test method validation exercises, robot purchases, competitions, training events, and new collaborating test facilities around the world.

    Each working group will review and validate their suite of test apparatuses, address comments to draft standards, and discuss the balloting status. As always, we will be briefing the entire E54 standards committee on our progress, but the real work at these events gets done during the focused working group meetings conducted throughout the week as noted in the agenda below. A large contingent of robot manufacturers, test administrators, emergency responders and other users will be there to contribute.

    This meeting and exercise will be conducted concurrently from Monday through Friday with ongoing robot testing and focused meetings each day discussing the details of each test method suite. There will be ample time to watch the test methods and robots in action. We will try to enable people with different interests and familiarity with our process to ramp up and lean into their chosen test suites.

    Focused meetings on each test suite will be conducted in the auditorium or conference rooms depending on the number of attendees. These will be scheduled according to the agenda below. GROUND robot test methods will be exercised and discussed every day. AERIAL and AQUATIC system test methods will be exercised every day but the focused meetings will be on different days.

    Robot testing with "expert" operators provided by the manufactures will be conducted constantly within the test facility for ground, aerial, and aquatic systems. Robot capabilities data will be captured to support the standardization process and to set the 100% percentile of operator proficiency that others can use to measure and compare their own proficiency.

    Lunches will be served in the test facility each day so we can eat and watch the concurrent test stations in action.


    Any questions should be directed to:

    Staff Manager:Mary Mikolajewski
    Phone: 610-832-9678
    Email: MMikolajewski@astm.org
    Administrative Assistant:Jill DiCicco
    Phone: 610-832-9734
    Email: jdicicco@astm.org

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