Staff managers will be contacting committee leaders to plan alternatives for conducting committee business. For any committees that collected money for events, ASTM will work to issue refunds as necessary. Attendees are responsible for canceling hotel reservations. If you are staying at the Boston Marriott Copley Hotel, you will receive an email from them to facilitate canceling your reservation. If you are staying at another hotel, you must contact them directly to cancel.

    Building and Environmental Acoustics Line Schedule

    Meeting Of Committee E33

    Monday October 21 2019 - Tuesday October 22 2019

    Marriott Marquis Houston, Houston, TX

    Meeting Day Start - Stop TimesRoom
    E33 Main Committee Opening (Miller) Monday 07:30AM - 08:00AMMontgomery B
    E33 Main (Miller) Tuesday 03:15PM - 04:15PMHarris
    E330100 B Air Flow Resistance C522 (Herreman) Monday 08:00AM - 08:45AMHarris
    E330100 H Small Sample Mounting (Herreman) Monday 08:45AM - 09:30AMHarris
    E330100 G Transfer Matrix Method E2611 (Herreman) Monday 10:00AM - 10:30AMHarris
    E330100 R Absorption Mounting E795 (Moyer) Monday 04:00PM - 04:45PMHarris
    E330100 F E2235 Tuesday 08:00AM - 08:45AMHarris
    E330100 TG C423 (Moyer) Tuesday 08:45AM - 09:30AMHarris
    E330100 Sound Absorption (Moyer) Tuesday 01:15PM - 01:30PMHarris
    E330200 A Interzone Attenuation E1111 (Hallman) Monday 08:45AM - 09:30AMMontgomery A
    E330200 E Articulation Index E1130/Speech Security E2638 (Roy) Monday 01:00PM - 02:15PMMontgomery A
    E330200 D Masking E1573 ( Doedens) Monday 02:15PM - 03:15PMMontgomery B
    E330200 R Sound Masking Performance WK47433 (Mueller-Trapet) Monday 03:15PM - 04:00PMMontgomery B
    E330200 Speech Privacy (MacKenzie) Tuesday 01:00PM - 01:15PMHarris
    E330300 F Field Outdoor/Indoor Sound Transmission E966 (Kister) Monday 08:45AM - 09:30AMMontgomery B
    E330300 E Ceiling Attenuation Class E1414 (Hallman) Monday 09:30AM - 10:15AMMontgomery A
    E330300 B Field Isolation Measurement E336 (Stewart) Monday 09:30AM - 11:15AMMontgomery B
    E330300 N Airborne Flanking (Shafer) Monday 11:15AM - 12:00PMHarris
    E330300 D Reference TL Specimen E1289 (Taylor) Monday 01:00PM - 02:00PMMontgomery B
    E330300 G Long Range Planning (Miller) Monday 01:45PM - 02:30PMHarris
    E330300 J/E33.10 P Room Requirements (Lilly) Monday 04:45PM - 05:30PMMontgomery B
    E330300 C Lab Transmission Loss E90 (Miller) Tuesday 09:30AM - 10:30AMHarris
    E330300 Sound Transmission Loss (Miller) Tuesday 11:30AM - 12:00PMHarris
    E330400 A Ceiling Suspension System C635/C636/E580/E1264 Classification Std (Hough) Monday 02:30PM - 04:00PMHarris
    E330400 Application of Acoustical Materials and Systems (Hough) Tuesday 02:00PM - 02:15PMHarris
    E330500 P Diffraction & Diffusion (Sauro) Monday 10:30AM - 11:15AMHarris
    E330500 L Impulse Response Methods (Weir) Tuesday 10:30AM - 11:15AMHarris
    E330500 Research (Stewart) Tuesday 01:30PM - 01:45PMHarris
    E330600 International Standards (Golden) Tuesday 11:15AM - 11:30AMHarris
    E330700 A-C634 (Rittmueller) Monday 08:00AM - 08:45AMMontgomery B
    E330700 Definitions and Editorial C634 (Rittmueller) Tuesday 01:45PM - 02:00PMHarris
    E330800 B Duct Liners/Silencers E477 (Duroni) Monday 02:15PM - 03:00PMMontgomery A
    E330800 Mechanical and Electrical System Noise (Lilly) Tuesday 03:00PM - 03:15PMHarris
    E330900 A Monday 01:00PM - 01:45PMHarris
    E330900 C Ground Vibration (MacKenzie) Monday 04:45PM - 05:30PMHarris
    E330900 Community Noise (Wiebusch) Tuesday 02:15PM - 02:30PMHarris
    E331000 D Impact of Floor Toppings E2179 (Strybos) Monday 08:00AM - 08:45AMMontgomery A
    E331000 E Impact Devices for floor/ceiling WK57850 (Raley) Monday 10:30AM - 11:15AMMontgomery A
    E331000 G In Room Impact Noise WK56696 (Lilly) Monday 11:15AM - 12:00PMMontgomery B
    E331000 I on High Frequency Impact Ratings WK59631 (Rawlings) Monday 04:00PM - 04:45PMMontgomery A
    E331000 H on Low Frequency Impact ratings WK63897 (Rawlings) Monday 04:45PM - 05:30PMMontgomery A
    E331000 Structural Acoustics and Vibration (Shafer) Tuesday 02:30PM - 02:45PMHarris
    E339000 Executive (Miller) Monday 05:30PM - 06:30PMMontgomery B
    E339100 LRP Tuesday 02:45PM - 03:00PMHarris
    E339200 Awards (Herreman) Monday 11:15AM - 11:45AMMontgomery A