Lime and Limestone Line Schedule

    Meeting Of Committee C07

    Wednesday December 05 2018 - Thursday December 06 2018

    Washington Hilton, Washington, DC

    Meeting Day Start - Stop TimesRoom
    C07 Lime (Graves) Thursday 10:00AM - 11:00AMHolmead West
    C070200 Specifications, Guides and Practices (Ingram) Thursday 09:00AM - 10:00AMHolmead West
    C070500 FGD TG (Broton) and Chemical Tests (Kroc) Wednesday 01:00PM - 03:00PMHolmead West
    C070600 Physical Test Methods (Houghton) Wednesday 03:15PM - 05:00PMHolmead West
    C070800 Editorial and Terminology (Longorio) Thursday 08:00AM - 09:00AMHolmead West