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Standardization News

Standardization News is the official bimonthly magazine of ASTM International. It provides news of ASTM’s latest work in international standardization, columns about how standards are developed, interviews with industry expert and features that show how ASTM International standards benefit governments, industries, consumers and global trade.

  • English
    Distributed bimonthly in print to ASTM International members and subscribers. Available to everyone online. Subscribe to get the print issues here.
  • Español
    Published bimonthly, online only.
  • 中文
    Published semiannually in print and online, Biao Zhun Hua Xin Wen is a joint publication of the China Standardization Press and ASTM International.

ASTM International e-Newsletters

To supplement the bimonthly publication of Standardization News, ASTM International publishes eNews, a monthly e-mail newsletter, that is sent to all members. The newsletter provides links to timely news stories about ASTM International and its technical committees; a list of upcoming meetings, workshops and symposia; global notes; and new publications information.  

A Global Cooperation Quarterly Update is sent four times per year to ASTM International’s MoU partners and other SDOs worldwide.