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June 2019

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Kathie Morgan Signs UNECE declaration

Morgan Signs Declaration on Women in Standards Development

At last month's Annual Business meeting in Denver, President Kathie Morgan signed the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)'s "Declaration on Gender Responsive Standards and Standards Development." She stressed the importance of involving women worldwide in standards development. Learn more.

Also during the meeting, the 2018 Annual Report was unveiled. Click here to view the digital version.

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New "Driverless Innovation" Video

See why performance standards are essential for everything from unmanned guided vehicles to mobile robots. Watch this new video about the committee on driverless automatic guided industrial vehicles (F45). Play now.

Mechanical Testing Committee Celebrates 50th Anniversary

The committee on mechanical testing (E28) celebrates a milestone this year. Learn more about it, and its essential tests. Click here.

Environmental Assessment, Risk Management and Corrective Action Committee Expands the Scope of Environmental Standards

Learn more about E50

Begun in 1990, the environmental assessment, risk management, & corrective action committee (E50) brings together stakeholders in industries as varied as real estate, manufacturing, and risk management. With a wide variety of people working on these standards — engineers, insurance companies, regulatory agencies, environmental scientists, real estate experts, attorneys, and others — the committee is expaning the scope of environmental standards. Learn more.


June Committee Week
June 2-7, Denver, CO

D02 June Committee Week
June 23-27, Denver, CO

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Workshop on Smart Textiles for Workwear Applications
June 5, Denver, CO

Workshop on Advances in Characterization of Hydraulic Barrier Performance of GCLs
June 5, Denver, CO

11th Symposium on Performance of Protective Clothing and Equipment: Innovative Solutions to Evolving Challenges
June 6-7, Denver, CO

June 2019 Beijing Workshops
June 11-13, Beijing, CN

Workshop on Weathering & Durability Testing 2019
June 26, Denver, CO

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Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Processes
June 4-6, Kansas City, MO

Webinar: Questions from the Field, Answers from the Expert: Environment
June 5

Property Condition Assessments
June 11-12, Las Vegas, NV

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
June 12, Philadelphia, PA

Understanding Test Method Precision, Bias, ILS Design, Statistical Quality Control Charts, and TIER III SQC Requirements
June 22, Denver, CO

Webinar: Metallurgy of Carbon Steel Webinar
June 25

Webinar: Steel Heat Treating
June 27

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Canna-Pharma 2019: Advancing the Science of Medicinal Cannabis Through GMP, Quality Control, & Regulatory Compliance
Nov 13-14, La Jolla, California


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Additive Manufacturing Technologies

A new standard-guide for mechanical testing of additively manufactured plastics is being developed [More].

Exoskeletons and Exosuits

The committee's first two standards have been developed. One provides consensus terminology. The other outlines labeling and other informational requirements [More].

Forensic Sciences

A proposed standard aims to help examiners and investigators identify and analyze explosive material found at a crime scene [More].

Nondestructive Testing

A new standard will help manufacturers in the aerospace, power generation, and automotive industries test parts for defects [More].

Plastic Piping Systems

A new standard aims to support more effective and innovative ways to join complex connections in storm and sewer pipes [More].

Primary Barrier Packaging

A new standard aims to support the safety of liquid consumer products by testing restricted delivery devices (commonly known as “flow restrictors”) that help prevent children’s access [More].


Nancy Cowles, executive director, Kids In Danger, was honored with the Margaret Dana Award by the consumer products committee [More].

The committee on engine coolants and related fluids presented its Award of Merit to Edward R. Eaton, senior managing consultant, Laboratory Holdings LLC [More].

George Fechtmann, Corporate Fellow and previously the global manager of principal engineers with UL LLC, was honored with the Arnold H. Scott Award by the committee on electrical and electronic insulating materials [More].

William Quinn, department manager of laboratory services, Terracon Consultants, was honored with the Woodland G. Shockley Memorial Award by the soil and rock committee [More].

The committee on plastics presented its Award of Merit to John Stieha, staff engineer – consulting, with Open Range Engineering [More].

The committee on medical and surgical materials and devices presented its Award of Merit to Terry O. Woods, Ph.D., solid mechanics laboratory leader, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Center for Devices and Radiological Health, Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories [More].


ASTM and INDOCAL Celebrate 10th Anniversary of Partnership

ASTM International recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of collaboration with Instituto Dominicano Para la Calidad - INDOCAL. The standards body of the Dominican Republic signed a Memorandum of Understanding in May 2009.

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Left to right: Maria Isabel Barrios, ASTM's representative in Latin America; James Olshefsky, director of external relations; Manuel Guerrero, director general of INDOCAL; and Bernardo Vidal, INDOCAL's director of standardization.


100 Years of E04 Development of Metallographic Standards

Journal of Testing and Evaluation, Special Issue on Civil Infrastructures Confronting Severe Weathers and Climate Changes

U.S. Reformulated Spark-Ignition Engine Fuel and the U.S. Renewable Fuels Standard, 3rd Edition




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