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April 2009
eNews JUNE 2009

ASTM International eNews is a monthly online newsletter that features the latest happenings at ASTM International, including technical committee news, publications, meetings, symposia and more. Like ASTM's bimonthly magazine Standardization News, eNews is a free benefit available to all ASTM members.


HEADLINES . . . This month’s top stories

New SHARE Button on ASTM Web Site
ASTM Web users may have noticed the new SHARE button appearing at the top of every page on the ASTM Web site. The SHARE button makes it easy for visitors to bookmark and share pages and stories from with others. Users can e-mail, print or bookmark pages, or can "share" or post links on a number of social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Look for the SHARE button at the top of every page on the ASTM Web site.

Standards Tracker
Also new on the ASTM Web site this month is the enhanced Standards Tracker service. The Standards Tracker is a free, weekly e-mail that lists standards development activities. Users can customize alerts by choosing to track new and revised standards and/or new work items by ASTM standard or committee or by technical field. The improved standards tracker makes it possible to track individual standards, not just collections, and can be managed within your MyASTM account. Set up your Standards Tracker here.

Professor of the Year
A part of the 2009 Year of the Professor initiative, the ASTM Professor of the Year Award recognizes the contributions of educators in developing students' understanding of standards. Candidates for the award include professors and instructors at an accredited university worldwide who have demonstrated outstanding use of ASTM standards in their teaching. Cash awards will be given to the winning educator and their respective university. Visit the Campus section of the ASTM Web site for more information.

ASTM Virtual Classroom
Six Web-based training courses are now available free of charge to all ASTM members through the ASTM Web site. Click here to view course schedules and to register.

COMMITTEE NEWS . . . The latest from ASTM's technical committees

Furniture Safety
ASTM Committee F15 on Consumer Products continues to address emerging hazards associated with furniture tipover with its recently revised standard. [Full story]

The inaugural meetings of the new Committee E60 covered standards development, an expanded sustainability database, a student liaison subcommittee and more. [Full story]

Amusement Rides
Committee F24's new practice addresses netting, which is a vital part of many amusement park and playground attractions. [Full story]

A new Committee F04 standard will provide those working in regenerative medicine with a means of characterizing hydrogels. [Full story]

Pervious Concrete
Committee C09's new test method will aid concrete producers in developing sustainable and durable mixture proportions for pervious concrete. [Full story]

Emergency Medical Services
A new specification from Committee F30 provides guidance for how medical equipment is expected to perform under the severe conditions of a mass casualty event. [Full story]

Pozzolanic Hydraulic Lime
A type of lime that has been used in construction since ancient Roman times is now covered by a new specification from Committee C07. [Full story]

Ionic Conductivity in Concrete
A new C09 standard describes a five-minute nondestructive test that has the potential to replace a destructive six-hour test requiring several hours of preparation time. [Full story]

Polymer Matrix
Two D30 subcommittees are working on proposed new standards that involve fiber reinforced polymer matrix composites. [Full story]

Shrinkage-Reducing Admixtures
Committee C09's new specification will set minimum standards for an admixture to be sold as a shrinkage reducer. [Full story]

GLOBAL NOTES . . . ASTM around the world

MOU with Dominican Republic
ASTM has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the La Dirección General de Normas y Sistemas de Calidad (DIGENOR), the official institution for Standardization, Quality, Certification and Metrology in the Dominican Republic. The MOU program promotes communication between ASTM International and national standards bodies worldwide. To date, 67 MOUs have been signed. View more information about the ASTM MOU program here.

DID YOU KNOW? . . . Eye Safety and Protection

There is often a focus on the use of proper helmets for sporting and other recreational activities, but it is important to remember eye safety and protection as well. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, an estimated 2.5 million eye injuries occur in the U.S. each year. Proper protective eyewear should be worn to avoid eye injuries when participating in sporting activities. ASTM F803 is a safety specification that covers eye protectors designed for use by players of basketball, baseball and soccer as well as racket sports, women's lacrosse and field hockey. In addition, Subcommittee F08.57 on Eye Safety for Sports has standards for eye protectors for skiing and paintball, and is developing new standards for airsoft sports and selected motor sports.

PUBLICATIONS . . . Publications now available

ASTM Standards in Building Codes, 46th Edition

STP 1505, Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry: 15th International Symposium

MNL59, A Comprehensive Review of Lubricant Chemistry, Technology, Selection, and Design

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CALENDAR . . . Committee Weeks, Symposia, Workshops, TPTs

Upcoming ASTM Committee Week Meetings

June Committee Week, June 14-19, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Upcoming Symposia & Workshops

Technical Seminar on Antifouling Paint Highlights: Regulatory, Technology and Performance Testing
June 23, Norfolk, VA

Fourth International Symposium on
Contaminated Sediments: Sustainable
Management and Remediation

June 30-July 3, Dublin, Ireland


2009 ASTM Johnson Conference:
Standardization of Mold Response Procedures

July 13-15, Burlington, VT

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Upcoming Technical & Professional Training (TPT) Courses

Aviation Fuels
July 7-9, St. Louis, MO

Crude Oil: Sampling, Testing and Evaluation
June 15-17, Philadelphia, PA

Fire Hazards in Oxygen Systems
June 16-17, Atlanta, GA

Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Processes
June 16-18, Little Rock, AR

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
Practices for Commercial Real Estate: Transaction Screen & Phase I Site Assessment

June 2-3, San Diego, CA
June 9-10, Chicago, IL


Property Condition Assessments
June 2-3, Chicago, IL

Regulatory Compliance for the Flammability of Wearing Apparel
June 16, New York, NY

Regulatory Compliance for the
Flammability of Children's Sleepwear

June 17, New York, NY

Screening Properties Involved in Real
Estate Transactions for Potential Vapor Intrusion Issues

June 2, Plainview, NY
June 3, Edison, NJ
June 4, West Conshohocken, PA

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Erin McElrone, Editor

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