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June 2008

HEADLINES... This month’s top stories:

New CCR Standard in Google Health Beta Launch

Launched on May 20, the new Google Health application makes use of the Continuity of Care Record developed by ASTM Committee E31 on Healthcare Informatics. Formally known as ASTM E2369, Specification for Continuity of Care (CCR), the CCR standard is an XML-based format for access to, transport of and interoperable exchange of core summary health information. The CCR is intended to support continuity of care, reduce medical errors and increase efficiency by eliminating duplication of tests and procedures. Google Health is a personal health record service that allows users to create an online health profile by importing personal health data from organizations such as pharmacies and lab companies, as well as by entering the data themselves. Google Health also permits users to send their summary health information using the CCR standard XML format to other web portals and services for the purpose of personalizing searches, helping patients organize and remember when to take their medications, and automatically retrieving news items relevant to their conditions and treatments. [Full story]

Updates to ASTM Newsroom
Enhancements have been made to the "Newsroom" section of the ASTM Web site. The updated section, now called "News Releases," houses all current ASTM news releases and archived releases dating back to 2005. Releases are categorized within four sections: Standards/Technical Committee News, Awards/Member News, Product News and General Topics, making it easier to locate specific information. In addition, an enhanced search option allows users to search releases by committee, category, date and keywords. There is also a new e-mail function that allows readers to forward any release to a colleague or friend along with their own personalized message. The News Releases section is the best way to keep up to date on all of the latest news from ASTM International.

China Earthquake Relief
ASTM International has made a $25,000 donation to AmeriCares to assist with relief efforts for earthquake victims in China. AmeriCares is a nonprofit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization that provides immediate response to emergency medical needs and supports long-term humanitarian assistance programs for all people around the world.  AmeriCares has a long history of responding to major earthquakes, and is working with their long-standing partner the China Primary Health Care Foundation, physicians at Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital and other health care organizations to deliver critical medication and medical supplies. If you would like to make a donation, visit the AmeriCares Web site.


GLOBAL NOTES . . . ASTM around the world:

New MOU Signing

ASTM has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Southern African Development Community Cooperation in Standardization (SADCSTAN). The MOU program promotes communication between ASTM International and national standards bodies worldwide, fostering awareness of the standardization systems of all parties involved. To date, 59 MOUs have been signed.

ASTM in China
In April, ASTM Vice President for Global Cooperation Teresa J. Cendrowska and China Office Chief Representative Liu Fei visited various national and provincial standardization organizations, bureaus of quality and technical supervision, and research institutes in eastern China. During the meetings, which were held with organizations in Beijing, Nanjing and Shanghai, Cendrowska and Liu discussed opportunities for increased Chinese technical expert participation in ASTM committees and made several presentations about the Society and the impact of ASTM International standards in global commerce and trade. They attended workshops which addressed topics such as sustainability and green construction and how standards are used in testing and accreditation. The workshops included representatives from Owens Corning (China) Investment Co., LTD, Interk ETL Semko and the International Code Council. Cendrowska and Liu also participated as delegates of the 31st Annual Pacific Area Standards Congress meeting.

Coordinated Program with Russia
On May 6-8, ASTM International held a Coordinated Program in cooperation with the Russian Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs in Orlando, FL. Program topics included the global use of standards for the petroleum, steel, automotive and aerospace industries. The event was co-sponsored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE International), the American Petroleum Institute (API International) and ASTM.

Vietnamese Delegation in Washington
ASTM staff met with members of the Vietnamese National Standards Body (STAMEQ) in Washington, D.C., on May 14.  Since 2004, an MOU agreement with STAMEQ has resulted in the use of 175 ASTM standards as the basis for new Vietnamese national standards. ASTM was invited to present information about standards and trade through the U.S. Vietnam Trade Council.  In addition to a review of MOU opportunities, the ASTM representatives presented information about the U.S. standards system, ASTM Standards in Building Codes and ASTM’s electronic tools.

COMMITTEE NEWS... The latest from ASTM's technical committees:

Urban Search and Rescue Robots
A new practice from Committee E54 on Homeland Security Applications is one result of a three-year National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)-coordinated effort with first responders and manufacturers to develop urban search and rescue robot standards. [Full story]

Food Handling Gloves
This specification from the Rubber committee will serve as a guide to glove manufacturers, distributors and the food service industry to ensure the consistent quality of manufactured gloves. [Full story]

Vacuum Cleaners Committee Invites Participation
Committee F11 invites all interested parties to participate in a virtual meeting regarding a new standards activity on vacuum cleaner energy measurements. [Full story]

Security Fence Systems
Committee F14's practice will allow a wide variety of users to differentiate levels of effectiveness among the many types of security fence systems. [Full story]

Vadose Zone and Vapor Intrusion
Committee D18 on Soil and Rock's new practice will cover techniques for collecting soil gas samples from the vadose zone beneath buildings and will aid in vapor intrusion evaluations. [Full story]

Paint Committee Activities
Two new standards from Committee D01 will be used in the realms of color reproduction and contact angle measurement. [Full story]

Protection of Control Rooms
A new guide from Committee E54 will be a useful tool for the design and renovation of control rooms and enclosures for infrastructure facilities to ensure adequate security and protection. [Full story]

Nanotechnology Workshop
ASTM is one of the sponsors of an upcoming workshop on the role of standards in the emerging field of nanotechnology to be held at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. [Full story]

Secondary Prime Western Grade Zinc
Committee B02's new standard will provide a definable quality specification for both producers and consumers of secondary Prime Western Grade zinc metal. [Full story]

Textiles Subcommittee
A new specification from Subcommittee D13.58 on Yarns and Fibers will focus on polyolefin chopped strands for use in concrete. [Full story]

Oxygen in Copper
Committee E01's test method will provide process quality control and compositional specifications relative to oxygen content in copper and copper alloys. [Full story]

Torque Calibration
New practice on torque calibration from Committee E28 on Mechanical Testing could reduce laboratory inconsistencies and uncertainties. [Full story]

Fire Test Response
A new E05 standard will be used as a fire response test for materials that are difficult to ignite and have relatively low rates of heat release. [Full story]

DID YOU KNOW?...Subcommittees on Playground Equipment

Standards for Performance

It has been called America's favorite pastime, and with the baseball season in full swing, players are getting frequent use out of those baseball and softball bats and balls. Even the most dedicated baseball fan may not know about the work of ASTM Subcommittee F08.26 on Baseball and Softball Equipment, part of ASTM Committee F08 on Sports Equipment and Facilities. The subcommittee develops standards for evaluating the performance of baseball and softball equipment, specifically bats and balls, an important factor when setting specific rules of the game. In addition to the F08.26 standards, there are various ASTM baseball/softball compilations that address everything from protective equipment and field design to spectator safety and the causes of baseball injuries. For more information, visit the ASTM Digital Library.

PUBLICATIONS... New publications from ASTM now available:

Manual 60, Physical Requirement Guidelines for Sensory Evaluation Laboratories: 2nd Edition

Manual 61, Guide to ASTM Test Methods for the Analysis of Coal and Coke

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