Research Reports

    ASTM has published approximately 6000 test methods to date, with more being approved every day. The backbone of many of these standard test methods is a comprehensive interlaboratory study that supports the Precision and Bias statement. When an interlaboratory study is completed, it is very important to document the details in a research report. A research report should contain a list of participating laboratories, description of samples, a copy of the laboratory instructions, the equipment/apparatus used, a copy of the raw data, a statistical summary and a copy of the precision and bias statement. The ASTM Form and Style Manual (Section A29.1) states, "Where numerical data have been generated to establish the precision and bias of a test method, a research report is required". To this end, we have developed a consistent format in the ASTM Research Report Template for you to use.

    • ILS can assist with the following research report tasks:
      • Answer any research report inquiries
      • Create research reports from ILS studies
      • Reformat older research reports to fit the ASTM research report Template
      • Assign research report numbers
    • A research report number will be assigned by ASTM when all of the following have been completed:
      • The research report is submitted to ILS
      • It is reviewed for completeness
      • The ballot item to include the corresponding precision and bias statement is approved for publication.

    The published standard test method will include the research report number in a footnote to the Precision and Bias section. To obtain a copy of a research report, go to or contact ASTM Customer Service by phone at 610-832-9585 (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Eastern U.S. Standard Time, Monday through Friday) or by email at

    For assistance with research reports, please contact