Vietnam Road Show

    From 5 through 14 September, ASTM International conducted a Road Show for Vietnam in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City. A MoU partner since 2003, Vietnam has cited hundreds of ASTM standards, primarily for petroleum and petrochemicals, construction and textiles.

    Visits in Ha Noi focused on construction related government entities. Meetings were held with the Ministry of Construction, Institute for Building Science and Technology, and the National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE) which are supporting the Vietnamese government’s efforts to update and expand Vietnam’s infrastructure. Currently, Vietnam is working to modernize its construction standards by replacing an array of domestic and other national standards with relevant international standards and updated national standards.

    A meeting was also held with MoU partner and national standards body STAMEQ. The meeting supported a dynamic dialogue that addressed training on procedural and technical issues, pilot programs for the Proficiency Test Program and e-learning tool, and the use of ASTM International standards in technical regulations.

    In Ho Chi Minh City with the support of FITI and KOTITI, two Korean laboratories and test houses visited by staff during the Asia Road Show in June 2017, ASTM conducted on-site training in textiles for Korean and Vietnamese audiences. Training was conducted by ASTM Committee D13 member and subcommittee chairman Ellen Roaldi of Bureau Veritas and took place over two (2) two-day sessions for approximately 50 participants.

    While the course was being presented, ASTM’s Vice president for Laboratory Services, Tim Brooke, and Vice president for Global Cooperation, Teresa Cendrowska, visited various labs, such as Intertek SGS, QUATEST 3, Siam City Cement (formerly Holcim), and Petrolimex, one of the national petroleum companies in Vietnam. The two Korean laboratories also hosted site visits. These site sessions provided focused opportunities to discuss ASTM, the value of the MoU with STAMEQ, and ASTM’s proficiency testing and e-learning offerings.