Road Show América Latina

    ASTM staff met with amusement ride professionals in Peru on May 16, 2016. Included in the group (seventh from left) was Cecilia Chavez, who is on the board of directors of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

    To draw attention to the crucial role that standards are playing in the region, a group led by ASTM Executive Vice President Katharine Morgan coordinated about 20 events and meetings on May 16-20 in Lima, Santiago, and Bogotá as part of the "Road Show América Latina."

    "We knew that about 2,500 ASTM standards were already used in Perú, Chile, and Colombia, particularly in sectors like infrastructure and construction," said Morgan. "Over the course of a week, we directly contacted over 600 people from industry, associations, governments, labs, and universities who want to put even more ASTM standards to work in the region."

    Morgan's group met with top executives of the national standards bodies in each country: INACAL (Perú), INN (Chile), and ICONTEC (Colombia). With memorandums of understanding already in place between ASTM and each entity, they uncovered ways to deepen cooperation in specific sectors such as concrete and steel as well as through training and exchange programs.

    The largest event in each city were the industry workshops. Hundreds of people attended ASTM's three-hour events at high-profile institutions: the College of Architects of Perú, the University of Chile School of Engineering and Sciences, and the Colombian Society of Engineers.

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