Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Program

    ASTM International is an organization of inclusion - offering global access to fully transparent standards development, resulting in the highest technical excellence in standardization.

    Initiated in 2001, ASTM International's Memorandum of Understanding program promotes: communication between signatory member standards bodies; awareness of each other’s standardization systems; development of national standards; de-duplication of efforts; and support of the development activities of members.

    MOUs are designed to encourage the participation of technical experts from around the world in the ASTM standards development process and broaden the global acceptance and use of ASTM International standards.

    As a benefit of the MOU program, technical experts from any country with an ASTM MOU can participate at no charge as full voting members in the ASTM standards development process. Access to ASTM standards is provided to the national standards body. Please contact your standards body for information on how to participate in an ASTM technical committee(s), or contact Weiwei Swei to join the ASTM committee of your choice.