Informational Materials

    Additional information can be found in the About ASTM International section of the ASTM website.

    Helping Our World Work Better
    About ASTM International and how its work positively impacts public health and safety, consumer confidence, and overall quality of life.
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    Spanish (PDF)
    Portuguese (PDF)
    Russian (PDF)
    French (PDF)
    Vietnamese (PDF)
    Japanese (PDF)
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    Arabic (PDF)
    Chinese (PDF)

    Global Leadership
    This flyer details why ASTM International is the world’s leading developer of high-quality, market-relevant standards. (English) (Spanish) (Chinese) (French)

    World Trade Organization Principles
    This infographic shows how ASTM meets the requirements of an international standards developing organization as defined by the World Trade Organization.

    Supporting Global Growth
    This overview shows how ASTM International partners with global organizations to drive growth through standards. More (PDF)

    Chinese-language Edition of Standardization News
    This annual edition of the ASTM magazine is offered in Chinese through a joint venture between the China Association for Standardization and ASTM International.

    Standardization News en Español
    Online version of the ASTM magazine translated into Spanish.