Cooperative Training

    Intensive Training Program – ASTM International Facilitates Training for Additive Manufacturing Experts from Singapore with a Focus on the Aerospace Industry


    Intensive Training Program

    Intensive Training Programs in the U.S. are available to representatives of industry and government who wish to:

    1) Utilize or better understand and apply ASTM International standards,

    2) Contribute to or influence the content of the ASTM standards to reflect local market and regulatory needs

    The program typically includes 8 – 10 participants who are technical experts within a sector or technical area. Prior to coming to the U.S, the trainees receive preliminary training about ASTM and specific ASTM technical committees via the virtual meeting tool. The experts travel to ASTM headquarters during which they are engaged in learning about ASTM, selected technical committees and specific standards. They visit related government agencies and company locations and participate in the Committee Week meetings of pertinent ASTM technical committees. Costs are covered primarily by the participants’ sponsoring industry or government.

    Singapore – November 2016 Topic: Additive Manufacturing

    China, Jiliang University, August 2015 Topic: Standardization Approach of the U.S. and ASTM

    Middle East – June 2014 Topic: Transportation Infrastructure

    Sponsor organizations: SASO (Saudi Arabia), QS (Qatar), QCC (U.A.E.)

    China, Zhejiang Province - November 2013 Topic: Renewable Energy/ Roofing

    Sponsor organization: Chinese Government

    China - September 2013 Topic: Petroleum

    Sponsor organizations: SINOPEC, SAC

    Gulf States - April 2013

    Latin America – December 2012 Topic: Concrete and Cement

    Sponsor organization: Federación Iberoamericana del Hormigón Premezclado (FIHP)

    Chechen Republic - November 2011Topic: Topic: Public-Private Partnership in Standardization

    Sponsor organization: Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology (GOST-R) of the Russian Federation

    Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica - November 2011Topic: Steel

    Sponsor organizations: TTBS, BSJ

    South Korea - January 2011Topic: Civil Nuclear Energy

    Sponsor organizations: KATS, KSA

    India - November 2009Topic: Plastics

    Sponsor organization: CIPET

    MoU Technical Visitor Grant Program

    The MoU Technical Visitor Grant Program is a special funding opportunity offered by ASTM to its MoU signatories to strengthen the participation of technical experts from around the world in the ASTM standards development process.

    2014 Awardee Ghana.
    2016 Awardees Vietnam and Trinidad & Tobago.
    2017 Awardee Ghana
    2018 Awardees Kenya and Saudi Arabia
    2019 Awardee Saudi Arabia

    Virtual MOU Training ASTM International opens its doors to all technical experts with an interest in the standardization process. ASTM offers interactive web-based training workshops, using the Internet, your telephone, or VOIP. Training is targeted for members who have recently joined, or who would like to join ASTM International and who need guidance on how to get started. Participants learn how to work effectively and how to vote on ballots electronically, in addition to being provided with an opportunity to ask questions. For more information contact Jim Olshefsky.

    Web Training On Demand ASTM International, working cooperatively with its members and MoU partners, regularly provides guidance, training, and support to technical experts and the staff of national standards bodies. Training is provided on the ASTM standards development process and technical topics of interest in an effort to improve each country's health, safety, environmental, and economic conditions through the use of standards.