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    Training Recordings on ASTM International Technical Topics

    Use of PVC Pipe in the Caribbean

    Especificaciones del Estándar ASTM D4806 para Etanol Combustible Desnaturalizado usado en Mezclas con Gasolina in Spanish

    Concrete Construction Performance Assessment with ASTM Standards / Evaluación del Desempeño del Concreto y de la Construcción con Estándares ASTM in Spanish

    Test for Chemicals in Marine Oil Using ASTM Method D7845 in English/Spanish

    Defining Biodegradability with a Focus on Compostability

    ASTM International Committee D37 on Cannabis

    ASTM Standards for Textiles / Estándares ASTM para Textiles in Spanish

    Road Paving Materials: Asphalt-Bitumen Webinar

    Gasoline Standards Explained (Webinar)

    Concrete Standards Overview - Including C94 (webinar)

    Medical Device - Sterile Packaging by Noel Gibbons

    Air Quality and Asbestos Detection

    Standardization and Its Role in Consumer Protection

    Spanish – Cemento y Hormigón-- Dale Bentz, NIST- 2015

    Session for GSO on Committee F09 Tire Standards

    Technical Orientation on ASTM standard D6193 on Standard Practice for Stitches and Seams in English and Spanish

    Advances in concrete technology/Avances en latecnologia del concreto in Spanish

    Understanding ASTM Standards in the Bioplastics Area / Guía de Normas ASTM para Materiales plásticos compostables, degradables y biodegradables en envases in English/Spanish

    Modeling the Performance of Concrete: Research at NIST / Modelación del Desempeño del Concreto: Investigaciones en el NIST in Spanish

    Corrosion Overview (Webinar) – by Robert M. Kain

    Student Webinar on Additive Manufacturing

    Student Webinar on Sustainability of Textiles

    Sustainability of Cement and Concrete and Supporting ASTM Standards

    ASTM's Role in Consumer Protection and Supporting National Industries

    Student Webinar on Composite Materials (In Mandarin)

    Top ASTM Textile Standards Training- Bob Holcombe