ASTM Committee F24 Celebrating 30 Years of Amusement Ride Safety

The World Standard

Highlighting the F24 standards portfolio is the most comprehensive design standard for the amusement industry today:

Developed in a global and harmonized process that brought together the input and expertise of amusement industry professionals from around the world, F 2291 fulfills the vision for a single, universally accepted design standard for amusement rides. F 2291 is unique not only as a global body of work and for the detailed design criteria it includes, but it is also the first international standard to define acceleration limits and allowable g-forces.

Supporting Diverse Amusement Industry Stakeholders

Other notable standards in the F24 portfolio are those that benefit ride designers and manufacturers; assist park operators in creating a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors; and assist the efforts of the ride maintenance and inspection community. Examples of these standards include:

Amusement Growth and Innovation Brings New F24 Standards

Beyond the realm of traditional amusement rides, F24 standards have also kept pace with innovation and technology that has brought new classes of rides to the marketplace. As amusements such as water rides and specialty attractions have grown in popularity, Committee F24 has responded with the formation of new subcommittees and the subsequent delivery of standards such as:

Standards on Amusement Rides and Devices: 8th Edition

ASTM Standards on Amusement Rides and Devices: 8th Edition

Convenient online access to F24 standards is available through ASTM Standards on Amusement Rides and Devices: 8th Edition. This annual subscription service includes the complete F24 standards portfolio and provides instant updates of all new and revised standards developed by Committee F24. This compilation is a vital resource for ride manufacturers, ride operators, ride inspectors, and park owners. Learn more about this valuable product offering.